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Pedestrian Death at Intersection in Sacramento

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November 09, 2017
Edward Smith


Pedestrian Death at Glenn Ellen Circle and 24th Street in Sacramento

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento pedestrian accident lawyer. A motor vehicle collision with a pedestrian resulted in the death of the pedestrian in Sacramento on November 6.

What Happened

Police reported that the accident occurred at 5:40 in the afternoon at the intersection of Glenn Ellen Circle and 24th Street when a woman was struck. She was reported to have died at the accident site. The vehicle’s driver remained at the crash site and was reported cooperating with police investigators. An investigation of the accident caused the area to remain closed for several hours.

Pedestrian Accidents

Of the 3,670 fatal accidents and injuries in Sacramento in 2014, 193 were pedestrians, as reported by the California Office of Traffic Safety. Of that number, 25 pedestrians were at least 65 years old, while 22 were 15 or under. The city of Sacramento placed sixth among the 12 counties in California of a similar size. Countywide, 9,747 accident injuries and fatal accidents were reported, with 440 pedestrians either injured or killed. Sixty pedestrians were 15 or younger, and 48 were 65 or older. These accidents placed Sacramento County in the number 36 spot for accidents of this type within the 58 counties in California.

Pedestrian Accidents on the Increase

National Public Radio states that a report showed that pedestrian deaths increased by 11 percent in 2016, almost reaching 6,000 nationwide. In addition, the National Safety Council reported back in February 2017 a 6-percent increase in fatalities from all types of traffic accidents in 2016.

Pedestrian Fatalities Outpace Other Traffic Deaths

A spokesperson for the NSC stated that although an increase was expected, it was surprising that the number of pedestrian fatalities was outpacing other types of traffic fatalities. According to the spokesperson, a possible cause of the high increase may be a distraction as so many people are on their cell phones and the improved economy, which means that more people are driving. The spokesperson concluded by saying that speeding also contributes to the problem because the increase in speed causes a higher rate of fatalities.

Speed and Pedestrian Injury

According to a study sponsored by the AAA Foundation, the risk of injury is proportional to the impact speed. In the study, the risk of significant injury is 10 percent at 16 mph, escalating to about 51 percent at 31 mph. When a vehicle travels at 46 mph, the risk is at 90 percent. Since the level of risk at 23 mph is 25 percent, many overtures have been made to reduce speed limits in urban areas to 25 mph.

Pedestrian Risk

Certain factors were listed by the national association for highway safety as being riskier for pedestrians. Statistics for 2015 showed that 74 percent of pedestrian accidents occurred after dark, 23 percent during daylight hours, and 3-4 percent happened around dusk. In 34 percent of the accidents, the pedestrian showed a BAC level of 0.08 or higher, while drivers involved in those accidents showed a high BAC level at a rate of 15 percent. Only 18 percent of accidents occurred at intersections. The majority, 72 percent, occurred at non-intersection locations on highways or in the middle of the block.

Sacramento Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento pedestrian accident lawyer. Pedestrians of all ages carry the risk of serious injury due to accidents with motor vehicles. When this happens to you or a family member, you need the help of a seasoned attorney. I am available by phone or online anytime. You can call me at (916) 921-6400 in Sacramento County, or if you wish, use my (800) 404-5400 number from any part of the state. If contacting me online works best for you, click here.

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