Parking Lots in Sacramento Are a Challenge for Drivers


Parking Lots in Sacramento Are a Challenge for Drivers

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento car accident lawyer. While parking lots are meant to make life easier for shoppers, some of the lots around Sacramento are a source of frustration for drivers. Between crowded intersections, poorly planned lots, congestion and the search for a space to park, parking lots and the areas surrounding them are a common site for motor vehicle accidents.

Regulation of Parking Space Size in Sacramento

One of the problems with parking lots in the Sacramento area is the size of the parking spaces. Some time ago, officials in Sacramento discovered that the city allowed parking spaces more narrow than many of the other cities around California. Sacramento permitted spaces that measured 8 feet across for normally sized vehicles and 7.5 feet across for cars that were considered compacts. The idea was to reduce the money that builders had to pay to construct parking lots by constructing more parking slots on a smaller amount of land. It may be surprising to many that these parking spaces can cost a developer/builder $7,000 apiece.

Less Space to Park and Maneuver Equals More Accidents

One example of a local parking lot that could use improvements includes Natomas Marketplace. While it offers plenty of parking, the lack of entrances other than one located near a busy intersection, creates the risk of motor vehicle accidents as drivers vie to enter the parking area. Other shopping areas have inadequate parking that forces drivers to drive around seeking an empty parking slot. In addition, when parking spaces are too small, it forces drivers of larger vehicles to take up more than one space and creates crowding that results in fender benders and parking lot damage. While the city ordered a change in the size of parking spaces in 2012 to increase them by six inches for both compacts and regular cars, it also reduced the turning and driving width between rows by two feet. This makes it more difficult for drivers to maneuver.

Incidence of Motor Vehicle Accidents in Sacramento County

The University of California at Berkeley reports that in 2016, the number of collisions in Sacramento totaled 8,829, with 12,681 injuries reported, along with 167 fatalities. This is a large increase over the 9,747 casualties and injuries caused by accidents that were reported by the California Office of Traffic Safety in 2014. The National Safety Council reported that deaths from motor vehicle accidents rose by 6 percent in 2016.

Injuries From Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents cause injuries ranging from broken bones to catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injury and spinal cord damage(916) 921-6400. Recovering from an accident is hard enough with the financial devastation of hospital bills. This is why it is so important to consult with a seasoned lawyer who handles these types of cases; an experienced injury lawyer can collect evidence related to the case to prove fault, including eye witness accounts and police reports, and prepare a strong case for compensation.

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