Parachute Defect Kills Two Skydivers

Parachute Defect Kills Two Skydivers

Two Skydivers Died in Parachute Jump

A first-time skydiver was embarking on an adventure through the skies. Unfortunately, the skydiver and his instructor faced a malfunction in the parachute deployment. This defect caused the divers to lose their lives too soon on Saturday, August 6, 2016.

What Happened?

An instructor at the Parachute Center in Acampo was accompanying a new skydiving student. The instructor was 25-year-old Yong Kwon from South Korea. The new jumper was identified as 18-year-old Tyler Turner from Los Banos. The two skydivers jumped off the airplane at 13,000 feet and initiated their adventure through the skies. Not long after, the pair faced an unexpected emergency when the main and emergency parachutes failed to deploy. The backup parachute was tangled with the smaller parachute which caused it to fail to deploy.

What Caused the Defect?

It is still unknown what caused the smaller parachute, the drogue, for the main parachute to not open. However, both the backup and main parachutes were packed correctly. The media has reported at least 17 individuals may have passed away at the Parachute Center since 1981.

Instructor Certification 

A recent bulletin from investigators of the Federal Aviation Administration reveals that the tragedy was created by other factors as well. According to the United States Parachute Association, the skydiver instructor, Yong Kwon, did not possess proper certification for sky diving instruction. The association suspended the license of the instructor that trained Kwon. Due to Kwon’s lack of proper credentials and training, this led to the association to investigate and inform 140 instructors worldwide to update their credentials for training. The association is also investigating the Parachute Center apart from the Federal Aviation Administration investigation.

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