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Oroville Street Racing Ends in Tragedy

Three Killed in Oroville Street Racing Incident

A heartbreaking tragedy occurred in south Oroville on Thursday, April 30, 2021, and it appears to have been caused by street racing. Two men and a two-year-old girl suffered fatal injuries, and another young child was hospitalized with severe injuries following the collision. 

Officers with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) report that shortly before noon on Thursday, a red Chevy Camaro and a black Jeep Cherokee were traveling south on Lincoln Boulevard when the drivers decided to engage in a speed contest.

At a high rate of speed, the Jeep turned onto Baggets Marysville Road, then veered off the road, crashing into a stop sign and a power pole. The Jeep then overturned and rolled several times. The Camaro driver fled the scene. CHP officers say they anticipate that criminal charges will be filed. 

Emergency Scene Response

When first responders arrived at the scene, they found that two men in the Cherokee had been killed and two children – just two and four years old – had been ejected from the vehicle. One of the children was life-flighted to U.C. Davis Medical Center. The other child was transported to Oroville Medical Center. The two-year-old succumbed to her injuries in the hospital later that evening.

When the Jeep crashed into the power pole, the pole was snapped in half, causing an area power outage. PG&E crews responded to the accident to address the downed power lines. Because the accident involved fatalities and street racing, the Sacramento Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team was called in to gather evidence, during which time the road remained closed. 

Residents Want Change

Residents of the area are concerned with the number of crashes that happen on this stretch of road and are calling for traffic signals or some other method of speed control to be installed. 

Watch the YouTube Video. The news clip below features residents concerned about speeds in the area.

The Street Racing Scourge

Street racing in Northern California has reached epidemic proportions. If one lives near busy roads, the sounds of revving engines and speed contests are unmistakable and frequent, especially during evening hours.  It has resulted in a number of fatal California car crashes.

It is illegal to engage in a speed contest under California Vehicle Code 23109. This incorporates any drag racing, street racing, or other exhibition of speed by one or more vehicles on a public highway, freeway, or street. It is a misdemeanor charge for engaging in a speed contest in California, but the penalties increase with repeated offenses. Additionally, if the street racing incident results in serious bodily injury, it could be charged as a felony. 

Preventable Tragedy

The incident in Oroville is a heartbreaking and senseless tragedy. The loss of life, including that of a two-year-old girl, is difficult to grasp – and for what? A minute or two of bravado? It may be time for harsher penalties for street racing. At the least, strong enforcement of the current laws is necessary. This dangerous and foolhardy practice has been the cause of too many wrongful deaths in California.

Oroville Personal Injury Lawyer

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