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Oroville Major Injury in Off-Road Accident

Driver Suffers Major Injury in Lower Wyandotte Road Crash

A major injury off-road accident was reported in Oroville on May 23 when a vehicle exited the pavement for an unknown reason. The collision happened in the area of Lower Wyandotte Road and Foothill Boulevard around 2:48 in the morning, according to the traffic report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The report stated that a vehicle had left the road and gone down an embankment but was visible from the roadway. 

Driver Transported to Hospital With Major Injury

Firefighters with the Oroville Fire Department arrived at the scene, where the female driver of the vehicle was reported as having suffered a major injury in the crash. The patient was transported to a hospital for additional care and evaluation. The CHP investigation into the cause of the collision is ongoing.

The Causes of an Off-Road Accident

The most common cause of an off-road accident is driver error, which includes speeding, weather conditions and distracted driving. In some cases, accidents that involve a single vehicle can be the result of external factors. It may then be possible for the injured party to obtain damages, which could include reimbursement for their medical expenses and time away from work as well as compensation for pain and suffering. 

An Off-Road Accident Can Be Caused by Mechanical Failure

An off-road accident can be caused by defects in a vehicle such as tires, steering, brakes, accelerators, or even the motor itself. There are a number of reasons for an off-road accident, including:

  • Tires: A blowout or a separation in the tread of the tire can cause the driver to lose control, which can lead to the vehicle going off the roadway.
  • Power steering failure: It is possible for the wheels to lock up when the power steering fails, making it impossible for the driver to control their car.
  • Brake failure: If the driver cannot brake, the vehicle will continue to accelerate, and a run-off-road collision may result.
  • Accelerator: When the accelerator stops working or sticks, it can lead to an off-road accident.
  • Engine failure: The driver has no way of controlling the situation if an engine suddenly stops operating.

An injury lawyer can help you file a claim for auto product liability when a mechanical defect causes an accident. After an accident, it is important to avoid destroying the vehicle, so engineers can inspect it for defects.

Negligence by the Government

There are various factors that contribute to off-road accidents, including potholes, fissures, upheavals in the pavement and poor road design. Injuries caused by faulty maintenance can be attributed to the government entity responsible. If you are dealing with a government entity, however, you may want to consult a lawyer. The statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit is only six months. 

By hiring an attorney, you can ensure that the paperwork will be correctly filled out and filed before the statute of limitations expires. If the lawsuit is filed too late, the court will refuse to hear the case. My law firm has successfully resolved many lawsuits of this type over the years and can assist you in getting the compensation you need and deserve.

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