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April 19, 2019
Edward Smith

Orangevale Rollover Causes Serious Injuries

An Orangevale rollover crash happened on April 18 when an SUV and minivan collided. The accident happened at Central and Hazel avenues at about 7:17 in the evening, according to Metro Fire. The impact of the car accident caused one vehicle to roll, and it ended up on its side against a fence and caught fire. Fire crews were required to extricate the occupants of one vehicle.

Accident Injuries

There were five people reported as injured due to the collision. This included two children. One person suffered serious injuries. The other four had injuries reported as moderate. All of the injured were taken to a hospital in the area for further evaluation and treatment.

Causes of an Orangevale Rollover

An Orangevale rollover occurs when the vehicle flips over and lands on its side or roof. There are two main types of rollovers. These are called tripped and untripped rollovers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 95 percent of all rollovers are classified as tripped. This rollover type happens when the tires hit an external object, changing the motion of the vehicle. The object can be the curb, soft dirt on the shoulder of the road or another car. A steep slope can also destabilize the vehicle and cause it to flip.

The second type of rollover is called untripped. This often happens on a curve, where speed can help destabilize the vehicle’s cornering force. When this happens, a rollover is likely.

Factors That Influence a Rollover

There are six factors that influence the likelihood of a rollover. These are:

  • Speed: Excessive speed is a factor in 40 percent of rollovers. Most rollovers happen on roads where the speed limit is 55 or greater.
  • Vehicle type: The type of vehicle is a major factor in an Orangevale rollover. SUVs, pickups, and vans are most likely to be involved in a rollover. This is due to their height and narrow shape, which results in a higher center of gravity. Most single-vehicle crashes with rollovers involve these vehicles.
  • Rural roads: Approximately 75 percent of rollovers occur on rural roads. This is due to the lack of barriers and mediums and a higher speed limit.
  • Drunk drivers: Approximately 50 percent of fatal rollovers have a drunk driver at the wheel. Impaired drivers often lose control of their vehicle.
  • Single vehicle crash: According to the NHTSA, 85 percent of rollovers are seen in single-vehicle crashes.

Crushed Roof in an Orangevale Rollover

When a vehicle is involved in a rollover, the forces on the roof can cause it to collapse inward toward the vehicle’s occupants. A crushed roof also increases the risk that an occupant will be ejected from the vehicle. The federal government has told manufacturers to ensure that a roof can handle up to 2.5 times the vehicle’s weight. A good rating usually requires a strength that can withstand 4 times the weight. However, many manufacturers cut costs by not achieving this. By presenting evidence that a manufacturer has not done this, an attorney can show that safety precautions were not taken. A seasoned lawyer experienced in roof strength testing can drive home that manufacturing and design defects occurred.

Compensation for an Accident Injury

Rollovers are among the most dangerous accidents. This is because serious injuries and fatalities are common. If you were involved in a rollover caused through negligence, you may wish to speak to an experienced injury lawyer. The lawyer can help by dealing with the insurance company on your behalf. The lawyer can also build a strong case for financial compensation. In this way, you can recover from your injuries knowing that the financial cost is covered.

Orangevale Car Accident Lawyer

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