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One Person Suffers Serious Trauma During Highway 70 Crash

One Person Left With Serious Trauma During Highway 70 Crash

On Thursday, August 27, 2020, one person was left with serious injuries following a Highway 70 crash in Oroville. California Highway Patrol (CHP) responded to the accident and reported that it occurred in the morning and involved only a single car. The injured man was hospitalized following the accident and updates on his condition have not been made available. An investigation into what caused this crash is ongoing.

Crash Details

CHP indicated that the crash happened shortly before 8:42 a.m. An individual was driving a white sedan of unreported make and model northbound on Highway 70, allegedly traveling at high speeds. For known reasons, the driver apparently lost control and the vehicle veered to the left, colliding twice with the raised concrete median divider. After crashing into the divider, the vehicle traveled over highway lanes and collided head-on with a concrete bridge support at the Garden Drive overpass.


After the incident was called into CHP, responders were dispatched to the scene. Upon reaching the site, officers found that the driver was seriously injured. Medical officials determined that he had broken his femur in two different places and had him transported to a local hospital for care. No other individuals were involved in the accident.


While police continue to investigate this car accident, no causal factors have been confirmed or ruled out. Often, crashes like this one happen due to more than one thing and many common accident factors are outside of driver control. Such non-driver collision factors can include malfunctioning car parts, hazardous highway conditions, and more.

Femur Fractures

Femur fractures can be very serious injuries and, in some cases, are even life-threatening. People who suffer femur fractures often experience a lot of pain and the recovery process may require invasive surgery. For many, recovering from a femur fracture can take anywhere from three months to an entire year. During this time, collision survivors are often unable to walk or have otherwise limited mobility.

During more than 38 years of practicing injury law, I’ve helped many people with femur fractures. To learn more about these injuries, how they can affect your life, and treatment options, you can take a look at this webpage.

Calling an Attorney

Being injured is often also expensive. Not only do people who suffer car accidents typically need to pay for extensive medical care, but sustaining a major injury can also affect your ability to earn an income or take care of things around the house. In many cases, this leaves crash survivors in a very difficult situation.

However, it’s possible to reach out for help. By filing an injury claim with the help of an experienced Oroville personal injury lawyer, many people are able to claim full compensation for their economic and personal losses, including hospital bills, income loss, and more.

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