One Dead Following Highway 20 Trucking Crash

One Fatally Injured During Highway 20 Trucking Crash

One person sadly passed away on Friday, February 5, 2021, during a Highway 20 crash. The Ukiah area California Highway Patrol (CHP) states that it happened in the morning just north of Ukiah and involved two vehicles, a big-rig and a passenger vehicle. The decedent was identified by Mendocino County officials as Walter W. Cupp, a 57-year-old man from Potter Valley. The collision remains under investigation.

Crash Information

CHP traffic information indicates that the accident occurred on Highway 20 on the northern edge of Lake Mendocino just prior to 7:00 a.m. Cupp was driving a 2006 Toyota of unreported model and was heading westbound on the highway before the accident. For reasons that police say are not currently understood, the Toyota drifted over the double-yellow lines on the highway median and entered the eastbound side of the road.

After drifting into oncoming traffic, the Toyota struck the left-hand side of a big rig. After side-swiping the truck, the Toyota spun out of control and traveled down a nearby hillside before coming to a stop.


Following the collision, CHP rushed an accident response team to the location. At the scene, responding officials determined that Cupp was critically injured. Sadly, Cupp was pronounced deceased on-site. Whether or not any other individuals suffered trauma as a result of this accident has not been reported.

Investigation of Highway 20 Trucking Crash

While CHP continues to investigate possible causes of this accident, no specific factors have been mentioned by investigating officers. With many accidents like this one, there is more than a single cause, and, frequently, collisions happen due to factors outside of driver influence. Non-driver auto accident factors are things like defective vehicle parts and dangerously damaged highway pavement. In these cases, parties besides the involved drivers (such as auto manufacturers) may share financial responsibility for damages.

Truck Accidents and Quick Action

Big-rigs are extremely large vehicles and are liable to cause major damages in the event of a collision. Trucking companies are well aware of the risks involved in running their business, and are usually ready to take action right away in order to mitigate their responsibility for collisions in the eyes of insurers and courts. These actions, sadly, can make it harder for families to claim the compensation that they deserve through wrongful death claims.

To counteract the defensive efforts of trucking companies, it is critical to call a Ukiah truck accident lawyer right away. By getting started on your case immediately, your attorney will be more able to defend your right to claiming the payments you are owed for things like funeral services, lost income, personal suffering, and more.

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