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February 19, 2020
Edward Smith

Brentwood Accident Kills One

One person tragically passed away during a Brentwood accident on Saturday, February 15, 2020. According to reports from the Brentwood Police Department (BPD), the accident involved one vehicle and happened in the early evening. The decedent’s identity is currently being withheld by Contra Costa County officials. However, police did report that the decedent was a 23-year-old man from Brentwood. The collision remains under investigation.

Crash Details

The accident reportedly happened at 5:10 p.m. on Fairview between the intersections of San Jose Avenue and Central Boulevard. According to police, the decedent’s vehicle veered off the road and struck a tree. Additionally, the decedent was the vehicle’s only occupant at the time of the accident.

Upon arriving at the accident scene, responders discovered the driver was unresponsive. After extricating the individual from the wrecked vehicle, officials sadly pronounced him deceased on-scene.


After conducting preliminary investigations into the crash, officers reported that no other vehicles were involved and that neither alcohol nor drugs were suspected factors. No possible causal factors have been mentioned by investigators so far.

Investigators lose a part of the story when drivers pass away during a car accident. Unfortunately, it can often be difficult for investigators to get a clear picture of the events. For this reason, it’s critical to reach out to an experienced wrongful death attorney who knows how to privately investigate collisions. A good lawyer can use their skills and resources to ensure the crash is investigated with your family’s rights as a priority.

Wrongful Death Damages

Losing somebody in a car accident is a tragedy. People suffering such a loss commonly experience a very intense period of grieving that can involve a variety of complex and confusing emotions. In many cases, grieving families feel overwhelmed and aren’t sure how they will be able to keep up with the demands of their daily lives while processing their grief. It’s critical to take care of yourself after such a traumatic event and to spend time with the people you love to heal.

However, many people who lose a loved one also face financial problems. Fatal accidents can leave households without access to home maintenance, cooking, or childcare services. In some cases, losing a loved one means losing a critical source of income your family relies on. Furthermore, funeral and burial costs can be prohibitive. These factors can leave families in a difficult situation, affecting their ability to focus on processing their grief.

Finding a Trustworthy Lawyer

Wrongful death cases are significant for families, and having a kind, compassionate, and experienced lawyer is vital to help you recover compensation from at-fault parties. While many people are worried about how they will be able to locate a lawyer they can trust, it doesn’t have to be difficult to find excellent legal help. Learn how you can quickly get in touch with a trustworthy lawyer by watching this video:

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