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July 07, 2022
Edward Smith

Accident on Florin Road Off-Ramp Involves Three Vehicles

A major injury crash occurred in Sacramento on July 2, involving three vehicles. The crash happened on the eastbound Florin Road off-ramp over S.R. 99 northbound around 3:38 p.m. Two lanes of the off-ramp were blocked by the collision, and one of the vehicles overturned onto its side. 

Caltrans Closes Roadway Due to Damage

Officers with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that debris was strewn across two other lanes of the ramp, effectively blocking them all. In addition, wires were hanging and a guardrail was lying across several lanes. Caltrans required a hard closure while the injured party was transported to a hospital and the debris cleaned up and repairs made. The CHP is investigating to find out what caused the crash and to assign fault.

Crashes on Highway Ramps Can Easily Cause a Major Injury

Accidents on or near highway ramps are common. They can be especially dangerous when they occur on the ramp itself. Because of the tight quarters, a vehicle can go off the ramp and end up crashing into the roadway below. Some of the reasons these collisions occur are:

  • A motorist enters the ramp at too fast a speed, which causes the driver to either lose control and impact other vehicles or result in a rear-end crash.
  • A driver attempts to change lanes while on the ramp itself. Because traffic can be tightly packed on a ramp, a sideswipe accident can occur, which can result in a major injury because the side of a vehicle offers less protection. 
  • The driver is intoxicated, which is the reason for about 14 percent of all run-off-road accidents on highway ramps.
  • Cutting off another vehicle can lead to an off-ramp crash.
  • The exit ramp is poorly designed, which leads to a major injury accident. If this is the case, a personal injury lawyer may be of help in filing a claim against the government entity in charge of the roadway. The time limit for filing these claims is six months. An injury lawyer can handle the negotiations with the government entity for you, so you can obtain the best possible outcome.
  • A defective part in the vehicle can lead to a major injury accident. When your brakes fail, the steering won’t work or you experience a blowout as well as other problems, it can lead to a major injury accident. It is important to retain the vehicle after a collision so it can be inspected by engineers to determine if an auto defect led to the crash. When these problems occur and lead to a collision, an auto product liability claim may be made against the manufacturer and others.

Handling a Traffic Crash Major Injury Case

When someone has been injured because of negligence, they may wish to place a claim against the at-fault party to receive compensation. Compensation is usually awarded that will cover all the injured person’s medical expenses, lost wages and for their pain and suffering. Otherwise, the person who was injured would have to deal with those losses themselves. 

Although the injured party can certainly negotiate with the at-fault party’s insurance company themself, it has been shown that having an injury lawyer handle the claim usually results in two to three times the compensation than if the client attempted it on their own. An initial consultation is free in which the injured party can have their case reviewed and find out what options there are to recover damages.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Sacramento

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