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February 07, 2023
Edward Smith

Poplar Boulevard Multiple-Vehicle Accident Occurs at Intersection

Minor injuries occurred on February 2 in North Highlands due to a three-vehicle traffic accident. The crash was reported at the intersection of Poplar Boulevard and Watt Avenue around 1:51 p.m. Vehicles were left blocking traffic at the intersection, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP)

Traffic Accident Being Investigated to Determine its Cause

Emergency responders were called to the accident scene to assess injuries because of a complaint of pain afterward. The CHP is carrying out an investigation to determine fault in the collision.

The Factors That Contribute to Intersection Accidents

Intersections account for nearly half of all traffic accidents. Further complicating matters is the presence of motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians in the same area, resulting in a mass convergence of traffic going in all directions. The majority of collisions at intersections are caused by negligence. The following are examples:

  • Distracted driving: Drivers who are distracted are at the highest risk of a traffic collision. They may be texting, talking on the phone or engaging in other activities that divert their attention from the road.
  • Red light runners: When a driver runs a stop sign or red light, they may cause an accident that can result in a collision with another vehicle legally passing the intersection.
  • Drinking and driving: Due to their inability to judge distances and stay in their own lane, drunk drivers hit other cars.
  • Turning right: Other vehicles can obstruct the motorist’s view to the left, which causes the driver to make a risky turn because they don’t know whether the way is clear. This can lead to a traffic accident when they are struck by an oncoming vehicle.
  • Risky left turns: Motorists do not check for oncoming vehicles when turning left at the arrow. It is very common for a traffic crash to occur as a result of a driver turning left in front of another vehicle.

What an Injury Lawyer Does to Help in a Traffic Accident

An accident lawyer can determine how a collision occurred and collect the evidence to support an injured client’s claim to recover compensation. Investigators are sent to the site of the collision to do that. Their investigative techniques include reviewing the police report, interviewing witnesses, performing accident reconstruction and gathering film footage from nearby surveillance cameras. 

Once the evidence has been compiled, our injury lawyers use it in constructing a strong case to support our client’s compensation claim. It can be used in two ways. The lawyer can negotiate on the injured party’s behalf with the at-fault person’s insurance company to obtain the best result. In the event the insurance company refuses to provide a fair settlement, the lawyer can use that information in civil court to present your case.

Personal Injury Lawyer in North Highlands

I’m Ed Smith, and I’m a personal injury lawyer in North Highlands. If you suffer serious injuries in a traffic crash, our accident attorneys can help you recover compensation. You can avoid paying large amounts of medical bills, losing wages due to being unable to work and recover compensation for your pain and suffering by doing so. You can speak with us about your case for free and friendly advice and without obligation by calling (916) 921-6400. Alternatively, you can send an online message or call us at (800) 404-5400 if you need assistance.

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