North Highlands Multiple-Vehicle Crash Causes Major Injuries

Seven-Vehicle Crash Reported on I-80 Near Winters Street

A major multiple-vehicle crash was reported in North Highlands on September 18, resulting in injuries. The accident occurred along westbound I-80 just west of the Winters Street off-ramp around 5:51 a.m. and reportedly involved seven vehicles. A gray vehicle was allegedly sideways in the number one lane and struck by another car, which set off a chain reaction involving others. 

Major Injuries Reported in Multiple-Vehicle Crash

Major injuries were reported in the collision, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). All the westbound lanes were blocked by the collision, and numerous near misses occurred with oncoming traffic. An investigation is underway by the CHP to determine how the multiple-vehicle accident happened.

Highway Collisions Often End Up Causing a Multiple-Vehicle Crash

When a car breaks down on the highway or a fender-bender occurs, it can quickly turn into a multiple-vehicle accident. Because traffic can be highly congested and vehicles are traveling at highway speeds, they often don’t have the ability to stop or get out of the way in time. However, most of these accidents have multiple drivers who are negligent. This is why you can use the help of an injury lawyer to get fair compensation if you’re harmed in an accident involving multiple vehicles.

What Types of Negligence Are Common on Highways?

Many highway accidents are caused by speeding, but there are other types of negligence that can contribute to a multiple-vehicle crash such as the following:

  • Drunk driving is a major cause of traffic accidents on highways. The intoxicated driver has trouble staying in their own lane, can speed up and slow down and cannot judge their distance from other vehicles.
  • Distracted driving is a frequent reason for a motorist to become involved in or cause a crash. Just looking at their cell phone or spending a few seconds texting is enough to cause a serious collision.
  • Fatigue leads to a number of accidents because the driver exhibits actions similar to those of someone who is intoxicated.
  • Reckless driving is exhibited by those with little regard for others sharing the roadway. They may tailgate other vehicles, cut in and out of traffic and perform maneuvers that endanger others and can cause a multiple-vehicle crash.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer to Recover Compensation?

When a multiple-vehicle crash occurs and liability hasn’t been determined, those who are involved often retain a lawyer to protect them. Admitting to negligence in an accident can end up having their insurance rates go up, and in some cases, may result in their driver’s license being suspended if they were drunk or using drugs at the time. An injury lawyer can protect your rights and determine which driver/drivers were responsible for the crash. 

Once the at-fault drivers are determined, the lawyer can take the gathered evidence to build a strong case that supports your compensation claim. The attorney can also determine how much you should be able to recover in damages and deal with the insurance company for you. This allows you to recover from your injuries while knowing that your case is in good hands.

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