North Highlands Drunk Driving Accident

North Highlands Drunk Driving Accident

A North Highlands drunk driving accident may have been the cause of an early morning collision on November 27 at a local intersection that involved two other vehicles. It was reported that the driver’s vehicle, a Dodge Charger, may have been stolen and either drunk or drugged driving was suspected as a cause of the collision. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), one individual was trapped inside their vehicle, which was reported as being on fire. Firetrucks and an ambulance were quick to arrive at the scene of the crash where injuries were reported.

North Highlands Drunk Driving Accident Details

The crash happened shortly after 7:00 in the morning at the intersection of Walerga Road and Kirby Way, blocking the entire northbound side and part of the southbound side. The violence of the collision required the closure of northbound Walerga Road all the way to eastbound Oakhollow Drive to allow easier access for emergency services. The individual suspected of drunk driving was taken to Mercy San Juan Medical Center, where their blood was to be tested to determine whether that person was intoxicated at the time of the crash. Several of the vehicles involved in the collision were taken in for evidence in the North Highlands drunk driving accident case. The extent of injuries to the alleged drunk driver and others involved in the collision has not yet been reported.

The Dangers of Intersections in a North Highlands Drunk Driving Accident

Imagine that you are driving along, start passing through an intersection that you have driven numerous times and are suddenly struck by a North Highlands drunk driver. This happens many times each day all across the country. Most of the time it happens because of what is called driver negligence. This means the driver either disobeyed a traffic sign such as a red light, was speeding and couldn’t stop or committed some other infraction of the law. Another reason is that it might be due to a drunk driving accident, even during the early hours of the morning.

Common Injuries in an Intersection Accident

The types of injuries suffered in an intersection following a drunk driving accident can depend on where the vehicle was struck. Head on collisions often result in head injuries, broken bones and chest or abdominal injuries. This is because the body ends up being thrown forward against the seat belts. A T-bone or side collision often causes severe injuries because the vehicle offers less protection on its sides. Neck, head, facial trauma and spinal injuries are common. A rear-end collision throws the driver back into the seat, causing rapid back and forth movement in the cervical area. Neck injuries are common in rear-end collisions.

Why You Should Consult a Lawyer Following an Intersection Accident

Many factors can come into play that cause an intersection accident, so going about it alone isn’t advisable. An experienced car accident lawyer can conduct his or her own investigation into the cause of a crash to determine fault. By building a strong case, the lawyer is better able to reach an agreement with the insurance company that is beneficial for the injured person or obtain fair compensation through a civil trial. In this way, the injured person will be able to recover the costs of medical expenses, time lost at work and the pain and suffering they experienced. As in the above accident, if the driver is convicted of drunk driving, and that can be shown as the reason for the accident, this helps to prove the injured person’s right to compensation.

North Highlands Car Accident Lawyer

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