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December 27, 2022
Edward Smith

Accident Involving SUV on Auburn Boulevard Causes Bicyclist Fatality

A Christmas Eve accident in North Highlands resulted in a bicyclist fatality after a collision involving an SUV. The accident happened along Auburn Boulevard near Madison Avenue around 5:30 p.m. in an area used by many pedestrians and bicyclists. Impairment by drugs or alcohol do not appear to be factors in the accident, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). An investigation was conducted to determine the accident’s cause and how it occurred, and roadways in the surrounding area were shut down for a time.

Causes of Bicycle Accidents With Negligent Motorists

Bicycle accidents involving negligent motorists are some of the most common types of collisions. Negligence on the part of drivers is often to blame for bicycle accidents in which the cyclist has been injured or killed due to the motorist’s careless behavior. Common causes of these types of bicycle accidents include speeding, tailgating, distracted driving, failing to yield the right of way and running stop signs or red lights.

Roadway Problems Can Lead to a Bicyclist Fatality Accident

Other causes of bicycle accidents include poor lighting conditions, road design or construction. If roadway problems led to the bicyclist fatality crash, an accident attorney can help you file a claim against the responsible government entity. The statute of limitations to file government claims is only six months, so getting legal assistance may be a good idea.

Mechanical Failure of the Bicycle or Motor Vehicle

Mechanical failure of a bicycle or vehicle can also be the cause of a bicyclist fatality accident. Retaining the vehicles is necessary following an accident with injuries or fatalities, so they can be examined for defects. If a parts defect caused the fatal collision, a claim for product liability might be placed against the manufacturer, part designer and others.

Wrongful Death Claims Following a Bicycle Fatality Accident

When a loved one dies due to the negligence of another person or entity, it is natural to want justice. Wrongful death claims can be complicated and require an experienced accident attorney who understands both the law and your family’s needs. Bicycle fatalities are particularly heartbreaking because riders may not have protection from severe injuries that could lead to death. These cases may involve multiple parties that can complicate the wrongful death claim.

An experienced wrongful death lawyer will be able to understand the legal complexities surrounding bicycle fatality accidents and pursue a rightful outcome for your family. They will review all evidence, including accident reports and witness statements, to develop an effective case strategy. If you believe another person or entity’s negligence played a role in your loved one’s death, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney who can advise you on the best course of action.

Wrongful Death Lawyer in North Highlands 

I’m Ed Smith. I’m a wrongful death lawyer in North Highlands. The family of a deceased loved one can file a wrongful death claim if their demise was caused by someone else’s negligence. You may not be able to ease the grief you are experiencing, but it holds the at-fault person responsible for their actions. If you need compassionate, free and friendly advice, please contact us at (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400. Additionally, we offer online services.

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