No Burn Injuries Occur in Natomas Condo Fire 

Blaze at Condo Site Under Construction Causes Evacuation of Nearby Residents

An enormous fire at a condo complex under construction in Natomas forced residents nearby to evacuate, although no burn injuries were reported. Crews with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived around 12:30 a.m. at the reported blaze at the East Commerce Way intersection with Gregory Thatch Circle to discover the unfinished Artisan Square Condo Complex engulfed in a fireball. Nearby trees ignited, and windows in some of the apartments nearby were shattered by the heat emanating from the blaze.

Nearby Neighbors Report Additional Damage

One neighbor reported that they had to evacuate and the mirror on their car had melted from the heat. Eight condos under construction burned to the ground. The cause of the blaze is unknown at this point and is under investigation.

Burn Injuries Translate Into High Medical Costs

More than 454,000 severe injuries are reported in the United States each year, according to the American Burn Association (ABA). Those who suffer serious burn injuries generally spend one day in intensive care for each percent of their body that is damaged. In other words, if a burn injury covers 40 percent of the body, the patient will be in ICU for about 40 days for care by a medical team. This translates into astronomical medical costs just for the hospitalization and does not take into account additional care that is needed.

Major Causes of Burns That May Involve Negligence

Most people think of fires when they consider burn injuries, however, this type of traumatic event can happen in a number of ways, and around half of the injuries that occur are due to something else. Major burns can happen due to:

Seeking Legal Counsel After Burn Injuries

No matter what the reason is for your burn injury–a traffic accident, a defective product, etc.–you need an attorney who is experienced with your type of trauma to get you fair compensation. In California, to hold a defendant liable for an injury caused by recklessness, carelessness or dangerous conduct, the plaintiff must prove that their conduct caused the accident.

Recovering Compensation

At, our injury lawyers can investigate the incident that caused your trauma to determine if negligence was involved, whether it is a reckless driver, manufacturing error, shoddy housing contractor, negligent landlord or others. When the at-fault party is determined, they can be held financially liable for your accident injuries either through a claim with their insurance company or by taking the case to civil court if necessary. During our investigation, we will discover what happened, why it occurred, and who should be held accountable, as well as what steps need to be taken to get you the compensation you deserve.

Those who suffer burn injuries often face extensive recovery time, pain and suffering and disfigurement or scarring. Although recovering compensation won’t relieve the pain of your experience, it can help you move forward by knowing your medical expenses and lost wages can be recovered.

Sacramento Burn Injury Lawyer

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