New Traffic Signal Installed on Taylor Road

Roseville Gets New Yellow Flashing Traffic Signal 

A new traffic signal has been installed in the City of Roseville at the Golfland Sunsplash Driveway and Taylor Road intersection. The new signal was activated on Thursday, November 17th, and is designed to help motorists and pedestrians.

The traffic signal is a flashing yellow left-turn arrow to reduce wait times when traffic is clear. Another flashing yellow left-turn indicator will be added in the other direction when a new parking lot opens at Golfland Sunsplash in spring 2023.

History of Flashing Yellow Arrow Signals in Roseville, CA

  • The first flashing yellow arrow signal was added at Industrial Avenue and Freedom Way in 2016
  • Several blinking yellow arrow signals were installed along Foothills Boulevard in 2020
  • More flashing yellow arrow signals were added along Junction Boulevard in 2021
  • The most recent blinking yellow arrow signal was installed at Taylor Road in 2022

Using a Flashing Yellow Left-Turn Arrow

A blinking yellow left-turn arrow means to turn left cautiously after yielding to oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Before entering the intersection, look for any oncoming traffic, pedestrians, or bicyclists since they will have the right of way. Once drivers determine it is safe, they can turn left.

The blinking yellow arrow will not be active when nearby schools start and end. The signal will switch to protected turns only when the pedestrian button is activated.

Traffic Signal Configuration 

After extensive testing, the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) authorized the use of blinking yellow arrows nationwide in December 2009. This traffic signal configuration has been successfully implemented in other states and is now being utilized in California.

A National Cooperative Highway Research Program study found that motorists made fewer mistakes with the new flashing yellow left-turn arrows than with traditional signal configurations.

  • Safer: The new traffic signals keep motorists safer during heavy traffic. A national study found blinking yellow left-turn arrow signals are easier to understand than traditional yield-on-green signals.
  • Less delay: Blinking yellow arrow signals decrease delays when traffic is light. There are more chances for drivers to turn left with the flashing yellow left-turn arrow than with traditional red, yellow, and green indications.
  • More flexibility: Traffic engineers have more options for handling variable traffic volumes with the new flashing yellow arrow signals.

What Each Arrow Signifies

Flashing yellow arrows were only used in the past when the entire traffic signal was in flash mode. Now the blinking yellow arrow means you may enter the intersection cautiously.

  • Solid red arrow: When a solid red arrow is displayed, drivers must not enter an intersection to turn. Motorists turning left must stop and wait.
  • Solid yellow arrow: A solid yellow arrow means the left turn signal is about to change to red. Drivers should prepare to stop or complete a left turn if they are already inside the intersection and there is no conflicting traffic.
  • Solid green arrow: Drivers turning left have the right of way, and oncoming traffic has a red light.
  • Flashing yellow arrow: Motorists can turn left after yielding to pedestrians and oncoming traffic.

Watch YouTube Video: Flashing Yellow Arrow. The video below provides more details on how to proceed when drivers approach a flashing yellow arrow at an intersection.

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