New Raley’s Program Helps At-Risk Shoppers

Local Grocery Chain Assists At-Risk Shoppers

As our shelter in place continues, many of us are taking daily stock of what is in our cupboards, refrigerators, and freezers for meal planning purposes.  The quick run to the grocery store that we once took for granted has drastically changed, as shelves are emptied and we worry about keeping social distance within the store and in checkout lines.  There are many positive things on which to focus as we navigate our current reality.  Difficult times often spark innovation and generosity. We would like to highlight one company that took quick and decisive action.  Local grocery chain Raley’s just introduced Senior Essentials, a new program that helps at-risk shoppers.

Raley’s – Northern California Pride

Raley’s was founded in Placerville, California in 1935 by Tom P. Raley.  Their company’s corporate office is located in West Sacramento. Raley’s owns 129 grocery stores, which include:

  • Raley’s (78)
  • Bel Air (20)
  • Nob Hill (20)
  • Murieta Market (1)
  • Market 5-One-5 (1)
  • Food Source (8)
  • Sak N’ Save (1)

Raley’s is the largest family-owned business in the Sacramento metropolitan area, employing over 11,000 people.  They are known for their generous benefits package and competitive wages. 

Helping the Community During COVID-19

Not only does the company treat its employees well, but they quickly made a move to assist seniors and those in vulnerable health groups get groceries in a safe, and cost-reduced manner.  The program is called Senior Essentials and it is for seniors and at-risk customers who are in quarantine or self-isolation. Raley’s is calling upon the community to respect the intention of these bags.  

Members of the Raley’s team build as many Senior Essential bags as possible, according to inventory levels.  The bags are discounted, and available for pick-up curbside or within the store.

There are two bag types available:

$20 Bag Includes:

  • 11.8-15.1 oz box of Raley’s Instant Oatmeal
  • 14.5 oz can Raley’s Stewed or Diced Tomatoes
  • 5-6 bananas, approximately two pounds
  • 5 oz can of Raley’s Chunk Light Tuna
  • 15.5 oz can of Raley’s beans (Kidney, Garbanzo, or Pinto)
  • 14 oz box of Raley’s Instant Mashed Potatoes
  • 10.5 oz. can of Raley’s Condensed Soup
  • Large Navel Oranges, approx 2 lbs (3 oranges)
  • 16 oz Raley’s Peanut Butter
  • 23-24 oz Raley’s Pasta Sauce
  • 15 oz can Raley’s Canned Fruit
  • 12-16 oz Raley’s Pasta
  • Bulk Russet Potatoes (3)
  • Raley’s Macaroni & Cheese
  • Fuji Apples (3)
  • 16 oz Raley’s Breakfast Sausage Roll (mild or hot)

$35 Bag

This second option includes meals that are ready to eat – salads and freshly cooked entrees that are ready to heat and consume.

Further Information About Raley’s Senior Essentials Bags

  • While supplies last
  • One bag per family per day
  • First-come, first-served
  • Store pick up only
  • Contents may vary – substitutions will be made depending on supply.
  • No customer substitutions or allergy-specific bags can be made at this time.

Delivery to Car

In order to save the resources of Raley’s employees, pick-up within the store is preferred, however, for customers that are not able to get out of their vehicles, a Raley’s employee will bring a bag out to the car if the supply is still available.  To utilize this option, park in one of the eCart Pickup sites and send a text to the number on the eCart sign. Cash, check, or credit card can be used for payment from your vehicle. 

We here at want to thank Raley’s for their commitment to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic and their generosity toward at-risk shoppers.  We also want to extend a heartfelt thanks to all the hard-working grocery store employees who are working long hours to keep the shelves stocked and Sacramento residents fed. 

Watch the YouTube Video – Raley’s CEO discusses the company’s response to COVID-19.

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