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New Medication for Traumatic Brain Injuries

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July 31, 2019
Edward Smith

New Treatment for TBI

Severe traumatic brain injuries often occur in auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, and slip and fall injuries. Unfortunately, because the brain does not regenerate like other parts of the body, the recovery process following a head injury is often prolonged. A pharmaceutical company is currently developing a new medication that can be used to prevent some of these complications from happening. If this medication performs well in clinical trials, it might provide hope for individuals and their loved ones who are trying to regain functional ability after a severe TBI.

A New Treatment Option for Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries

The Swedish pharmaceutical company NeuroVive has been working on a new medication called NeuroSTAT for the past few years. The goal of this medication is to prevent severe complications from manifesting following a TBI. Some of the most common complications following a TBI include:

  • Motor Difficulties: The brain is responsible for coordinating the body’s limbs in space. Damage to these crucial neurons can cause people to have trouble moving their arms and legs.
  • Sensory Problems: The brain also receives sensory information from the rest of the body regarding temperature, pressure, and pain. Damage to these neurons can lead to numbness and tingling.
  • Mental Health Challenges: The brain is also responsible for someone’s mood, personality, and judgment. Because of this, mental health complications are also common after a TBI. This can include depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems.

Because damage to these neurons is frequently permanent, research professionals have been focusing on ways to prevent these complications from happening. This is the goal of NeuroVive’s NeuroSTAT. This medication works by focusing on the mitochondria of the brain, preserving them after a severe accident.

Preventing the Emergence of Neurological Complications

According to NeuroVive, its novel drug NeuroSTAT works by stabilizing and preserving the mitochondria of the neuronal cells. The job of the mitochondria is to provide energy to living cells. Without the mitochondria, the cells are deprived of their energy source and become starved for nutrition. This leads to cell death.

NeuroSTAT stabilizes the mitochondria and ensures that the cells have the energy that they need to continue functioning. NeuroSTAT has also performed well in animal trials so far.

Experimental models have been performed at the University of Pennsylvania. The results have shown that NeuroSTAT reduces brain damage in experimental models by about a third. Researchers also noted positive changes in mitochondrial function and a reduced generation of dangerous metabolic products that would otherwise damage neuronal cells. More clinical trials are still scheduled before the drug’s approval.

FDA Fast-Track Status Has Been Granted

Currently, there are few medications available to treat the complications of severe traumatic brain injuries. Because of the promise shown by NeuroSTAT, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given NeuroSTAT fast-track status. This makes the medication eligible for faster feedback and more frequent meetings as the drug progress through the various stages required for approval.

It remains to be seen whether the results of the studies will be consistent in humans. For now, the drug represents hope for individuals and families looking to recover from serious neurological injuries.

Watch YouTube Video: Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment with Neurosurgeon Dr. Atif Haque. In the following video, Dr. Atif Haque discusses the extent of a patient’s injuries and how he treated them.

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