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NB 880 Highway Collision Kills Two and Injures Six

DUI May Have Caused High Casualty Accident

A highway collision in California on January 9 left two people dead and injured six others in San Leandro. The accident, which occurred on northbound Interstate 880, close to the overpass for Floresta Boulevard, involved multiple casualties, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The accident occurred around 1:00 in the early morning when one motorist rear-ended another vehicle, which caused it to overturn. 

Good Samaritan Who Stops to Help After Highway Collision Is Killed

Two people were reported as being ejected during the rollover. One person died in the crash. However, a good Samaritan who stopped to help was hit and injured by another vehicle and died as a result. No further information was provided on the driver of the vehicle who struck the good Samaritan. Six patients were transported by emergency responders with the Alameda County Fire Department to nearby hospitals for the treatment of moderate injuries.

Driver Arrested for Possible DUI Following Deadly Accident

The driver of the first vehicle was placed under arrest and charged with suspected DUI by authorities. The accident is being investigated to determine how it occurred.

Highway Collisions

The elements of a highway collision are frequently diverse and often deadly. This is due to highway congestion accompanied by high speeds. Even if a driver becomes aware of an accident or its probability ahead, there are often times when the motorist is unable to get out of harm’s way. 

Rear-End Collisions

While many rear-end collisions happen in intersections, quite a few occur on busy highways. This is due in part to the start and stop traffic that is common during rush hour periods. A few factors come into play, such as distracted driving

A motorist who is not focusing on the road is unlikely to see traffic slowing ahead and crash into the rear of the car in front of them. Due to congestion on the highway, this accident may initiate a chain reaction where several vehicles are involved. Although many rear-end collisions on urban roads do not cause serious injuries, when traveling at a high speed, the likelihood of severe trauma is high. 

Rollover Accidents Due to a Highway Collision

A rear-end highway collision can cause serious injuries and deaths due to the speed of impact. When considerable force is applied to any vehicle, the possibility of a rollover is increased. Due to traffic density, a rollover can affect not just the occupants of the vehicle but adjacent cars and trucks. Rollovers are well-known for ejecting vehicle occupants. On a crowded highway, this could lead to the ejected person’s death. This is why it is crucial to preserve the wrecked vehicle for investigation after a rollover.

People Stop to Help After an Accident

Good Samaritans often stop to help in a crash situation. Unfortunately, many times, they are injured or killed. This happens either because vehicles are trying to get out of the way or are unable to see a pedestrian in the road. Gawking at an accident while passing it is another reason this occurs.

Investigating a Highway Collision

When investigating a highway collision, our legal team travels to the accident scene and gathers evidence concerning liability. We use accident reconstruction techniques to enable the identification of the vehicles’ positions before, during, and after the crash. We speak to witnesses and others involved in the accident. After reviewing police reports for mistakes, we obtain video footage of the accident to determine liability. 

If a rollover was involved, our investigators examine the vehicle for defects in terms of roof strength. It is important to preserve the vehicle after a highway collision. This enables them to say with certainty if the injuries/deaths caused by the rollover were exclusively due to speed impact or not. 

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