Natomas Bicyclist Killed Christmas Morning

Accident on East Commerce Way Costs Life of Natomas Bicyclist

A Natomas bicyclist was killed on Christmas morning in an accident believed to have involved an intoxicated driver. The collision occurred at the East Commerce Way intersection with North Park Drive around 12:45 a.m. According to the Sacramento Police Department, the bicyclist died at the accident scene. 

Vehicle Driver Arrested for Suspected DUI in Death of Natomas Bicyclist

The vehicle driver was taken to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. In a news release, police stated that DUI was thought to factor into the cause of the crash, and the driver was placed under arrest after they were medically cleared. Major Collision Investigation detectives interviewed witnesses to the collision and collected evidence. 

Authorities Seek Information About the Fatal Crash

The bicyclist’s identity will be released by the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office when the family has been notified. Those with any information about the accident are asked to call the dispatch center of the Sacramento Police Department at (916) 808-5471. 

Additional Contact for Reporting Accident Information

Callers can also report information about the crash at (916) 443-4357, which is the number for Sacramento Valley Crime Stoppers. Tips may be made anonymously, resulting in a reward of up to $1,000.

Filing a Claim for Wrongful Death

In addition to helping a family cope with the grief and suffering from the loss of a family member, a wrongful death lawsuit can prevent the financial strain caused by the sudden death of a Natomas bicyclist and hold the responsible party accountable. This will allow them to find some measure of closure and justice. The following areas may be eligible for compensation:

  • Expenses related to funerals and burials are recoverable.
  • A deceased person’s wages, including pension and insurance benefits, bonuses, and additional perks, can be recovered.
  • Loss of guidance and nurturing can be claimed by children and stepchildren who receive at least half their support from the deceased.
  • The family may file a survival action if the decedent lived for a period of time before passing away and had medical expenses before their death. It is possible to learn more about that from a wrongful death lawyer.
  • Punitive damages can be awarded to the family in cases where an egregious act or intentional act caused the death. It is not a means of compensation but rather of punishing wrongdoers and dissuading them from such behavior in the future. Besides recovering compensation from your wrongful death claim, this award is also included in the settlement. 

In the following video, Ed Smith explains how a wrongful death lawsuit can help you recover compensation: 

Natomas Wrongful Death Attorney

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Photo attribution: Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

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