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Napa Dump Truck Accident

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December 05, 2017
Edward Smith

Napa Dump Truck Accident

I’m Ed Smith, a Napa car accident lawyer. On Sunday, November 18, 2017, a collision that occurred just south of Napa City involving a dump truck left at least one individual with major injuries.

Accident Information

California Highway Patrol (CHP) issued a report regarding the accident indicating that they were first notified that the truck had crashed at around 11:50 p.m. The caller indicated that the vehicle had overturned on Highway 121 between Vichy Avenue and Wooden Valley road on the southwestern edge of the city.

No further details about what might have caused the dump truck to overturn have been reported as of yet.


CHP indicated that at least one individual was found at the scene of the collision with major injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital so that they could receive emergency medical care. The specific nature of the individual’s injuries was not made clear by medical officials.

Rollover Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) has done an enormous amount of research on rollover accidents and their findings indicate that collisions in which a vehicle overturns are especially dangerous.

NHTSA’s data indicates that around one-fifth of fatal crashes in the United States involve an overturned vehicle. This figure is made even more significant by the fact that far less than one-fifth of collisions are rollover accidents. NHTSA reports that, because of this disparity, rollover crashes are more likely to leave individuals with fatal injuries than other types of auto accidents.

Additional Rollover Stats

  • Almost seventy-five percent of occupants killed in rollover accidents are found to not have been using a seat belt when the accident occurred. Additionally, around two-thirds of unrestrained individuals killed in rollover accidents are ejected from the vehicle.
  • Elevated and positive blood alcohol content is associated with fatal rollover collisions and particularly fatal rollovers involving a single vehicle.
  • Slightly less than half of single-vehicle rollover accidents are reported by investigating officers to have been preceded by collision avoidance maneuvers. In contrast, only one-third of rollovers involving multiple vehicles are reported to be preceded by such maneuvers.
  • Speed is a critical factor in fatal rollover accidents. Most fatal rollovers occur on roads with speed limits of 55 miles per hour or higher.

Rollovers in Napa

Data from University of California research shows that rollover collisions are actually the least common type of auto accident in Napa City, accounting for around 2.10 of injury accidents in Napa over the last 8 years.

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