Napa Crash Hospitalizes Motorcycle Rider

Napa Crash Hospitalizes Motorcycle Rider

Napa Crash Hospitalizes Motorcycle Rider

I’m Ed Smith, a Napa personal injury lawyer. A motorcyclist was left with serious injuries requiring emergency treatment at a local hospital after he was involved in an accident in northern Napa County. The accident took place on Sunday, June 10, 2018. The injured man was identified as Michael Shanaghy, a 38-year-old resident of Benicia. Officers of the Napa area California Highway Patrol (CHP) released a report about the accident. The report stated that the crash took place during the afternoon on a rural roadway near Lake Berryessa. CHP has also stated that they do not currently know what factors caused the accident and that the crash is still being investigated.

Accident Details

According to CHP’s report, the collision took place at around 1:00 p.m. Shanaghy had been driving his motorcycle, a 2012 model Suzuki, on Berryessa Knoxville Road north of Lake Berryessa. Shanaghy had been driving north toward Hunting Creek when he apparently lost control of the Suzuki. Details about exactly what happened during the crash have not yet been reported. Additionally, CHP says they are still looking into what caused Shanaghy to lose control of his motorcycle.


After they got a call notifying them that a motorcyclist had been seriously hurt, CHP sent emergency responders to the collision scene. Medics at the scene found Shanaghy with major injuries and had him taken to a nearby hospital by ambulance. No other persons or vehicles were reported to have been involved in this crash.

Napa Motorcycle Accidents

With rolling hills and scenic vineyards, Napa is a popular destination for motorcyclists to take rides on rural roads. However, Napa sees a high number of injury-causing motorcycle crashes every year. In fact, Napa was the site of over 700 traumatic motorcycle accidents over the past ten years. These accidents accounted for around ten percent of traumatic crashes that took place across the county.

Additionally, motorcycle accidents in Napa usually end in more serious injuries than crashes involving passenger vehicles. Napa motorcycle accidents resulted in fatal injuries more than twice as often as non-motorcycle collisions and were three times more likely to cause severe trauma.

Jury Bias

Many people think of motorcycle riders as risk-takers and are likely to assume that those riding motorcycles were driving recklessly in the event of a crash. This public perception of motorcyclists can be a big problem for those trying to claim repayments for their injuries after a motorcycle crash. However, an attorney with experience handling motorcycle accident cases will know how to work against these prejudices and ensure that their client gets the money they are owed by law for their injuries.

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