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December 06, 2019
Edward Smith

Multiple Car Crash in Carmichael

A major injury occurred following a three-vehicle traffic collision on December 1 in Carmichael. The accident occurred just before 10:30 in the morning at the intersection of Fair Oaks Boulevard and Garfield Avenue, according to information obtained from the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The accident blocked all the lanes along Fair Oaks Boulevard while the crash site was cleared, and the injured patient was transported to a local hospital. The nature of the injuries has not yet been announced. The CHP is investigating to determine how the collision occurred and to assign fault. There is no word if drugs or alcohol were involved in the three-vehicle traffic collision.

Multiple Vehicle Accidents

Multiple vehicle accidents are common on highways where the speed limit is at or above 55 mph. Because of this, the impact is forceful, and the damages are often serious. Compounding this, traffic is frequently congested, leaving little room for vehicles to avoid the initial collision. 

Why Are Multiple Vehicle Traffic Collisions Destructive?

One of the main reasons that multiple vehicle collisions cause serious injuries is a combination of speed and multiple impacts. For instance, after the first strike, the vehicle’s airbags will deploy, providing a measure of protection. However, that same vehicle may be struck repeatedly. In this case, the driver and passengers are no longer protected by the airbags since once they deploy, they will not do so again. In addition, fire is a prevalent possibility in a multiple vehicle traffic collision. If one vehicle leaks gasoline, a spark can trigger a car fire, which can spread to other vehicles. Lastly, since highways are often congested, drivers who are approaching the accident will not have room to get out of the way. If they try to change lanes abruptly, an additional accident may ensue.  

Injuries in a Multiple Vehicle Collision

The type of injuries associated with a multiple vehicle collision depends on how a vehicle is struck. Side impact collisions are common and can cause serious injuries such as femur fractures. Some vehicles today have side airbags, which help prevent serious injury, but just as with other airbags, once they deploy, they are useless. Lower extremity fractures are common too. If a rear-end collision is involved, the person will have a high risk of a cervical strain or whiplash injury. 

Determining Fault

Because of the number of vehicles involved in a multiple vehicle collision, determining fault is complicated. Our investigative team is experienced in this and use every available tool to do it accurately. We bring in crash reconstruction experts to recreate the accident digitally. By doing this, our team has a clear picture of the events that preceded impact, and it is a useful tool during negotiation with the insurance company or in court.

How a Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

At our firm, we use all of our resources to determine fault and obtain the compensation our clients deserve. Aside from accident reconstruction techniques, our investigators also comb the area for clues as to why the accident occurred and interview witnesses who saw it happen. We also review police records carefully for mistakes since they are used extensively and obtain traffic surveillance camera videos. Once all the information is harvested, we release it to our legal team for use in structuring a robust case for our client.

Carmichael Car Accident Injury Lawyer

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