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Multiple-Vehicle HOV Lane Accident in Sacramento

HOV Accident on State Route 99 Involves Multiple Cars and Semi

An HOV lane accident occurred in Sacramento on September 14, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The incident happened along southbound State Route 99 just north of 12th Street around 3:37 in the afternoon. According to the CHP report, a red vehicle was traveling at about 65 mph in the HOV lane when a blue vehicle pulled in front of him and was struck from behind. 

Chain Reaction Results From Rear-End Collision

The collision caused a chain reaction with three to four vehicles and a semi involved. The number of injuries from the collision was not reported. The incident is being investigated by the CHP to determine what happened and to assign fault. 

Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions often happen because of driver error. The motorist behind a vehicle may be driving distracted, speeding and unable to stop or committing another traffic infraction. Over the years, I have obtained compensation for many individuals who were injured in a rear-end crash. This has helped our clients receive compensation to pay their medical bills, lost wages and reimburse them for their pain and suffering. 

The Dangers of the HOV Lane

According to a California study, those driving in the HOV lane show a much higher risk of becoming involved in an accident with serious injuries. Although HOV lanes encourage the use of zero-emission vehicles and promote carpooling, there may be limited advantages. According to the study, sideswipe and rear-end collisions account for more than 90 percent of accidents in this lane. 

Part of the problem is that traffic in an HOV lane can move up to 35 percent faster than in the other lanes. This makes it more difficult for motorists to slow down in time to avoid a collision. It also makes it harder for the faster traffic in the HOV lane to merge into a slower lane, which increases the accident rate in the next lane by 150 percent.

Results of the Study

The California study concluded that a limited access HOV lane showed no advantages over one with continuous access. The following features increased the number of accidents:

  • Too narrow a shoulder-width increased the number of collisions in the HOV lane. 
  • A too-narrow width in HOV lanes increased accidents.
  • Areas where peaks in HOV accidents occurred corresponded with adjacent lanes, which also showed a higher number of collisions.
  • Most accidents occurred within 0.03 miles of an exit or entrance ramp.

Following an HOV Lane Accident

Poor design or maintenance in an HOV lane can contribute to an accident with resulting injuries. When this happens, the injured party may seek compensation with the help of a lawyer experienced in handling government claims. However, placing a claim against a government entity has a much shorter timeline to file, and the paperwork can be complicated. Having help is important to ensure that all documentation is completed and filed on time. Otherwise, your case will not be heard if it has to go to court.

Investigation of an Accident

Because evidence is needed to support an individual’s claim for compensation, our investigators work hard to gather it. They speak to the witnesses to determine what they saw and check the police report to look for errors. Accident reconstruction is performed, and surveillance cameras in the area are checked to see if the collision was caught on tape. 

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