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Multiple Vehicle Crash Causes Injuries on the Capital City Freeway

Accident Blocks Four Lanes of Traffic Near Connector With Highways 99 and 50

A multiple-vehicle crash along the Capital City Freeway on March 21 resulted in injuries. The accident happened along the eastbound side of the freeway close to the connector with Highways 99 and 50. It blocked four lanes of traffic, according to the report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The four-vehicle accident may have been caused by a kayak in the middle of one of the lanes close to S Street, which was spotted at about 2:43 in the afternoon. The four-car collision occurred a short time later. It was almost an hour until clean up crews cleared the wreckage, leaving the number one lane to handle the passing traffic.

Seeking Help Following a Multiple-Vehicle Crash

In a multiple-vehicle crash, usually, one driver starts it by striking another car or truck, and the others impact those first two motorists. When this type of accident occurs, every driver involved contacts a lawyer, some to obtain compensation, and others to try and avoid blame. This is why it is so important to have an experienced attorney to defend your rights and help you obtain compensation. 

Types of Injuries From an Accident Involving Multiple Vehicles

Crashes involving multiple vehicles can result in serious injuries. This is because the airbags deploy with the initial strike and then deflate, providing no further protection. With additional hits against the vehicle, further injuries may occur. They may include traumatic head injuries, damage to the back or spine, and abdominal or chest trauma as well as a pelvic fracture. The more serious the injury, the more time someone injured in an accident may have to stay in the hospital. Some require surgery. After treatment, some may have to rest and recuperate, but they are losing wages because they cannot go to work. Add to that the pain and suffering, and it’s easy to see why people place personal injury claims against a negligent party. 

How an Investigation Is Conducted

At, we go the extra mile to get you the compensation you deserve. We send out investigators to the multiple-vehicle crash site to gather evidence to support your claim. The investigators begin by talking to the witnesses and looking for errors in the police report. Accident reconstruction is an important part of the evidence. It shows where the vehicles were before the collision, where each of them went and the order of impact. Traffic lights and local businesses can supply important information too because of surveillance cameras. A camera that caught the multiple-vehicle crash on tape is conclusive proof of how it occurred and important when negotiating with an insurance company. Once the information has all been gathered, our lawyers incorporate it into a strong case in support of the client. In many cases, it is used when negotiating on the client’s behalf with an insurance company. If the insurance company refuses to consider a fair settlement, it can be used to present a strong case for compensation in civil court. 

Car Accident Lawyer in Sacramento

I’m Ed Smith, a car accident lawyer in Sacramento. A multiple-vehicle crash can be complex, which means you would benefit from the advice of an experienced lawyer to claim compensation and avoid liability. You can reach me for my free and friendly advice at (916) 921-6400 within the area code and (800) 404-5400 if you are calling long-distance. An online form is also available if you prefer to message me.

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