Multiple-Vehicle Collision With Possible Injuries Reported in Foothill Farms

Multiple-Vehicle Collision on Eastbound I-80

A multiple-vehicle collision with a possible head injury happened in Sacramento on October 9. The accident occurred, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), around 3:46 p.m. on eastbound I-80 just west of the Greenback Lane off-ramp. It happened in the Foothill Farms area between a pickup truck and Toyota Camry. A witness to the collision reported that the Toyota struck the right-hand side, bounced back into the lanes, and hit two vans and a sedan following the initial collision. 

Possible Head Injury Reported in Multiple-Vehicle Collision

One vehicle ended up in the number one lane, while the others were along the right-hand side. Tow trucks had to be called for the Toyota and a white panel van. Sacramento emergency responders were called to the scene to assess injuries, but no additional information was provided. The multiple-vehicle accident investigation is ongoing to determine how it happened and to assign fault.

Highway Dangers Near Exit and Entrance Ramps

Although a multiple-vehicle collision isn’t unusual along a busy highway because of the speeds and congestion, areas around the exit and entrance ramps can show a higher risk. Statistics show that about half of all accidents occur near exit ramps, while 16 percent occur near entrance areas to the highway. Some of the reasons these accidents happen are:

  • Drivers who are unfamiliar with the roadway can unknowingly slow down to look for their exit ramp, causing a rear-end accident that snowballs to become a multiple-vehicle collision.
  • A negligent driver who reaches their exit faster than they expect to while they are in the wrong lane can suddenly cut across multiple lanes of traffic to try and reach it. This unsafe maneuver can lead to a multiple-vehicle collision.
  • Speeding is a major cause of accidents near a freeway exit or entrance ramp. Because the driver can lose control of their vehicle and needs a much longer distance to stop in an emergency, it can cause multiple vehicles to become involved in a collision. 
  • Distracted driving can include looking up at signs and watching for an exit, although texting is the major cause of distractions.
  • Drunk drivers are a menace on the roadway because they are unsafe. A drunk driver speeds up, slows down, wanders in and out of their lane, and can’t judge their distance from another car. By doing this, it’s an accident in the making.
  • Poor design and maintenance: When a highway is plagued with potholes, poor signage, weak guardrails, and other problems, it can cause an accident. Design comes into play also when it comes to safety. Exit and entrance ramps that are too short or badly laid out can end up causing a multiple-vehicle collision. When this happens, the government entity that is responsible for the design and maintenance of a thoroughfare can be held liable for accident injuries.
  • Defective auto parts: A steering wheel that freezes, a motor that suddenly quits running, brake failure, or a highway blowout can end up causing a serious accident. This is one of the reasons it is so important to retain the vehicle following an accident to have it examined for defects. If a defective part led to an injury collision, an auto product liability lawsuit can be placed against the manufacturer.

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