Multiple Vehicle Accident in Arden-Arcade

Multiple Vehicle Accident in Arden-Arcade

Multiple Vehicle Accident in Arden-Arcade

I’m Ed Smith, an Arden-Arcade car accident lawyer. An August 17 accident in Arden-Arcade caused severe injuries to two people when numerous vehicles collided along Eastern Avenue. Both individuals were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment and further medical evaluation. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), several other people who were less seriously injured were also taken to a hospital for treatment. Authorities have not yet released additional details regarding the types of injuries sustained in the accident.

Accident Details

The collision occurred just after 12:00 p.m. in front of the Sierra School on Eastern Avenue near Castec Drive. The accident involved between three to five vehicles. Because of the force of the collision, one car was reported as being sheared in half. Sacramento Metro Fire officials arrived at the scene to render assistance to those who were injured. No information has yet been released about those who were hospitalized. The accident remains under investigation as to the cause. Traffic was delayed for nearly one hour while the accident site was cleared.

Chain Reaction Accidents

An accident involving three or more vehicles is considered a chain reaction accident. An example of this is when one vehicle rear-ends another and a third car or truck hits the second from behind. In some cases, even more vehicles are involved. One of the most concerning aspects of a multiple vehicle collision is assigning liability. In the example above, more than one driver may be responsible for the accident. Let’s say that the lead driver did not have working brake lights and stopped short in front of another vehicle that hit it. Both drivers, in this case, share some of the liability for the accident. However, the third vehicle’s driver may have been following too close or driving at a higher than recommended speed, causing it to crash into the second vehicle. Liability here is divided and requires an experienced crash reconstruction expert to determine what happened.

Complex Litigation

Just as liability in a multiple vehicle accident is complex so too is the litigation. Not only are liability issues difficult to prove but multiple parties are involved in the litigation. In addition, if one of the vehicles involved in the accident was used for the driver’s employment, such as a box truck, the owner of the company might also be involved. This occurs under the doctrine of respondeat superior since work-based accidents are not just the fault of the employee but also the employer. Some accidents are caused by lack of signage, poorly maintained roads or foliage hiding roadway signs. The liability in this case may involve government agencies responsible for maintenance and cleanup of roadways. Finally, some drivers may have little or no insurance, complicating recovery for those severely injured.

Product Liability in a Multiple Vehicle Accident

Let’s say the accident was caused by a product defect in one of the vehicles. This adds to the complexity of the litigation by requiring proof that the accident was caused by the defective auto part. An experienced personal injury lawyer can investigate the possibility that a defect was responsible for the accident and ultimately file suit against the parts maker or automobile manufacturer.

How a Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

A seasoned car accident lawyer has the experience to investigate the crash by talking to witnesses, reviewing police records and engaging accident reconstruction experts to recreate how the accident happened. He or she will also review medical records with the assistance of an expert to determine the extent of injuries. Some of the more serious injuries involved in a multiple vehicle crash include:

Arden-Arcade Car Accident Lawyer

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