Multiple Vehicle Accident Hampers Rush Hour on SR 99

Multiple Vehicle Accident Hampers Rush Hour on SR 99

Multiple Vehicle Accident Hampers Rush Hour on SR 99

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento car accident and personal injury lawyer. A recent accident involving four vehicles occurred along California State Route 99 during rush hour traffic. Tow trucks were needed to clear up the scene, and emergency medical care was called to assess injuries incurred in the incident. No information has been released on whether drugs or alcohol was a factor in the crash by the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

What Happened

The accident occurred along the northbound side of the highway at the on-ramp to Laguna Boulevard in Elk Grove shortly before 8:30 in the morning. According to a report by the CHP, the vehicles involved included a Ford Escape, a Chevy pickup truck, a Toyota Camry and an additional car that was not described. Two of the vehicles ended up along the right-hand side of the highway following the collision. The other two were in the center median. Help was also needed to remove debris left by the crash.

Multiple Vehicle Collisions

Highway collisions involving numerous vehicles can result in serious injury since they often happen on high-speed highways. Common conditions that set the stage for many types of car accidents, including multi-vehicle collisions, are:

  • Adverse weather conditions that necessitate driving at a slow speed
  • Tailgating another vehicle and being unable to stop in time
  • Driving over the speed limit not only increases the likelihood of an accident but can result in worse injuries
  • Poor road conditions caused by cracked and pothole-riddled pavement as well as debris in the highway
  • Distracted driving such as talking or texting on a cell phone, speaking to other passengers in the vehicle or eating and drinking.
  • Road rage can make a driver take chances a prudent motorist would not take such as weaving in and out from one lane to another

Why Are Multiple Vehicle Crashes So Deadly?

Multi-vehicle crashes are deadly because it is difficult for passengers to escape from the cars. Even if they do, the likelihood that they will be hit by a motor vehicle is high. Also, the cars have a high potential of being hit multiple times, increasing the risk of serious injuries. Once the vehicle is hit the first time and airbags are deployed, they will not discharge again for subsequent collisions.

Fires Can Erupt

Fires that erupt after one collision can spread quickly due to gasoline on the road’s surface. Once this happens, firefighters find it challenging to approach the area to extinguish the flames. Burn injuries are one of the hazards of a multiple-vehicle accident. According to the latest statistics, NFPA reported 174,000 vehicle fires around the country in 2016, resulting in 445 deaths and 1,550 burn injuries.

Ambulances and Police Can’t Reach the Site

Similar to the problems fire trucks can have with reaching the site once a fire breaks out, the same is true for rescue vehicles and police. The composite of crashed cars can block multiple lanes. This inhibits rescue attempts. If the crash occurs in a tunnel, the effect this has on being able to reach those injured is harrowing.

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