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Multiple Injuries in Watt Avenue Crash

Multiple Injuries in Watt Avenue Crash

Multiple injuries were seen after a three-vehicle crash in Sacramento on June 19. The accident occurred shortly before 4:30 in the morning along Watt Avenue at Auburn Boulevard. One of the vehicles fled from the accident scene following the crash. Four people were transported to a nearby hospital with injuries described as non-life threatening, according to a spokesperson with the Sacramento Police Department. The accident is under investigation to determine how it happened.

Accidents at Intersections

Intersections are the location of about 40 percent of all traffic collisions. While some involve motor vehicles, others can affect motorcycle riders, pedestrians, or bicyclists. Negligence is the usual cause, and driving through an intersection after dark or during the early hours of the morning may increase the risk. Because traffic is lighter at these hours and there is a smaller police presence, some drivers exhibit risky behavior behind the wheel.


Speeding is a problem at any time but can contribute to accidents causing multiple injuries when passing through an intersection. A broadside collision can occur if another vehicle is passing through from the left or right of the driver. As one of the most dangerous types of accidents, T-bone crashes often result in fatalities or serious multiple injuries.

Reckless Drivers

Running through a red light, changing lanes without checking for traffic and other behaviors can lead to an accident. Running a stop sign or red light is common at intersections, and one of the major causes of multiple injuries.

Left Turns

Turning left on an arrow at an intersection can be done safely. However, some motorists who are impatient may exhibit risky behavior by turning when oncoming traffic is too close. This can end up causing a head-on collision or accident involving multiple injuries and vehicles.

Drinking and Driving Leads to Multiple Injuries

Drunk drivers or those who have been using drugs are responsible for many accidents each year, including at intersections. A drunk driver uses poor judgment and reduced reflexes. They should never be behind the wheel of a car because it can result in an accident with multiple injuries or fatalities. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drunk drivers were responsible for 28 percent of all traffic deaths in 2016.

Distracted Drivers

Although California only allows hands-free use of cell phones while driving, even that is enough of a distraction to cause an accident. A responsible motorist focuses on the road and waits until they stop to text or talk to another person, change their radio station or check their GPS.

Complexity of Intersection Accidents

Accidents at intersections can be complicated because they often involve multiple vehicles. A personal injury lawyer with experience in handling intersection crashes can be of invaluable assistance in obtaining fair compensation. The lawyer can represent your interests with the insurance company, which has been shown to result in a better outcome financially. However, if the insurance company balks at paying what you need to cover your medical costs, lost wages, and other expenses, there is the option of taking the case to civil court. As always, a personal injury lawyer does not collect any fee until the case is won.

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