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Multiple Fatalities Reported in Sacramento Highway Crash

Rear-End Accident Involving Box Truck Causes Multiple Fatalities

Multiple fatalities occurred along a Sacramento highway on April 28 following two accidents along Highway 99. Officials with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that a Butte Valley woman, age 62, was driving a Mercury Mountaineer along Highway 99 northbound in the number two lane near Elverta at about 2:30 in the afternoon. At this point, she rear-ended a Toyota Corolla in front of her. Following the first collision, the vehicle was rear-ended by a large Penske box truck that was 30-feet-long. 

Two Men and a Woman Killed in Traffic Crash

Those inside the Toyota Corolla became pinned inside their vehicle following the second collision. Inside the car was a Sacramento man, age 68, and a woman from Fiji, age 62. They were declared dead at the accident scene as well as the driver, an Antelope man, age 67. 

Accident Involving Multiple Fatalities Under Investigation

The CHP is investigating the cause of the multiple fatality accident to determine how it occurred. Neither drugs nor alcohol are suspected as a factor in any of the drivers. The lanes along Highway 99 were reported as reopened at about 6:30 p.m.

Losing a Loved One in an Accident Involving Multiple Fatalities

Families are unprepared for the unexpected loss of a loved one. When it occurs, they are confused and consumed with grief, anger, and a need for justice. For many families, the financial stress of end-of-life expenses and the loss of support the decedent provided are overwhelming. That is where a wrongful death lawsuit can help if their loved ones died due to a negligent or intentional act. 

In the following video, lawyer Ed Smith explains what a wrongful death claim is:


Rear-End Collisions Overview

Rear-end collisions can cause multiple fatalities. Of all types of accidents, rear-end collisions occur most frequently. Roughly 30 percent of all car accidents are due to this type of collision. While in most cases, injuries are minor, at highway speeds, the consequences can result in multiple fatalities.

Why Does a Rear-End Collision Happen on a Highway?

Generally, a highway rear-end collision occurs because the driver is not paying attention to traffic flow. They may have been distracted by cell phone usage or talking to another passenger in the vehicle. Nonetheless, their lack of care initiates an accident sequence that can cause the loss of a loved one. 

How to Help Family Members Who Have Lost a Loved One

There are ways to assist the family through this catastrophic period in their lives: 

  • Call the family home and express your condolences. If possible, visit with the family to give them a chance to talk about their loss.
  • Realize that most family members are often too busy dealing with the demise of their loved ones to do daily household tasks. Offer to walk the dog, pick up children from school or even mow the lawn. Make them aware that you are there for them if anything is needed.
  • Let the family know that you can pick up items at the grocery or drug store for them.
  • Since many family members may be too upset to operate a motor vehicle carefully, offer to take them to any medical appointment.
  • Visiting the funeral home to arrange for end-of-life events is a challenging time for most people. Offer to accompany the family as they deal with this difficult task.

Sacramento Wrongful Death Lawyer

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