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Multiple Casualty Accident Happens in Sacramento

Multiple Casualty Accident Happens in Sacramento

A multiple casualty accident occurred in Sacramento the night of August 21 when three vehicles collided along Marconi Avenue. The accident happened shortly after 8:30 in the evening along Marconi at the intersection with Connie Drive, according to authorities with the Sacramento Fire Department. One vehicle rolled over and was left on its side with an adult and three minors who were unrestrained inside. One of the other vehicles involved in the collision fled the accident site without stopping to check for injuries or exchanging information.

Further Details of the Multiple Casualty Accident

The driver of the overturned vehicle was reported as in critical condition, while the minors suffered minor injuries. The minors were reported as not wearing seat belts at the time of the multiple casualty accident. No extrication was needed to remove the four persons from the vehicle that experienced the rollover. Two people in the other vehicle that remained at the accident scene were also injured. The area surrounding the accident site was closed down as police officials investigated the crash, and the scene was cleared. The incident is being treated as a felony hit and run.

What an Attorney Can Do for You

Some multiple casualty accidents involve injuries to several people as in the one described above. From the outset, our investigative team focuses on how the crash happened, and who was at fault. We do that by searching the accident site for clues, talking to witnesses, and obtaining video footage from traffic cameras and storefront businesses. Once this data is accumulated, our investigators put it together to determine what happened. This valuable information, used to prove negligence, is then handed over to our lawyers to use in building a case against the at fault party. Having access to the evidence early on is helpful so that nothing is lost or covered up by the defendant. This is critical in some cases. Many of our clients keep our phone number in their cell phones, so they can reach out to us from the accident site.


Rollovers are one of the most dangerous types of accidents. They do not happen at the same frequency as do other accidents but account for 35 percent of all vehicular deaths. Two main reasons for this are being thrown from the vehicle and being crushed under the vehicle’s weight. The first scenario occurs when passengers are not wearing safety restraints or seat belts, and shoulder harnesses let go. Defects to the restraints are a common cause of someone being thrown from a vehicle. The other involves what is referred to as a crushed roof. Automakers are obligated to structure the roof in such a way that it can withstand at least 1.5 times the vehicle’s weight. Legislation has been drawn up to increase this to 2.5 times the vehicle’s weight. When the roof is weak, it can crush down on the occupants, literally trapping them inside the vehicle and causing deadly harm. 

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