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Mulcher Falls off Dump Truck Trailer in Sacramento Traffic Crash

Traffic Crash Along US 50 in Sacramento Caused by Falling Mulcher

An unusual traffic crash resulting in an injury occurred in Sacramento on July 7 when a vehicle was struck by a mulcher. The accident, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), happened around 7:22 in the morning along eastbound US 50 just west of the 29th Street exit ramp. The police report stated that a dump truck pulling a trailer lost the mulcher on the roadway, where it crashed into a gray sedan. 

Added Details in the Traffic Crash

Traffic was not disrupted by the accident. Both drivers pulled over to the right-hand side. First responders with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived at the scene to assess one person with a complaint of pain. It was not reported whether the injured person was taken to a hospital for additional evaluation. The accident was cleared up around half an hour later.

Falling Objects

When an object such as the one in the above incident occurs, the driver and/or company that employs that driver can be held financially responsible for any injuries. A motorist carries a duty toward others to act responsibly. Obviously, driving with a poorly anchored object that falls from their vehicle and injures another person is far from responsible. In many cases of this type, serious injuries and fatalities have occurred. 

There are also situations where the restraining device is defective and this causes an accident. When this happens, your attorney can file a product liability lawsuit to recover damages.

The Duty of Responsibility Was Breached

The driver of the vehicle from which the fallen object came could have tied the piece of equipment down better. If the ties weren’t sufficient to keep the object from moving, it could have been secured in a way that would.

The Fallen Object Caused an Injury

In order to collect damages caused by a fallen object, it must be proven when and where the accident occurred and who was responsible. This is where an experienced lawyer comes in by finding the evidence needed to support an injury claim.

The Injured Person Suffered Financial Damages

Following an accident injury caused by a falling object, it must be shown that the injured person suffered financial loss. This is in the form of medical bills and lost wages, which are the economic damages. Non-economic damages are recoverable also and consist of the pain and suffering the injured person experienced.

Investigation Following a Traffic Collision

An accident investigation is carried out by a seasoned injury lawyer when a client has suffered injuries or lost a loved one due to negligence by another. Without proof that the accident was caused by the at-fault party, it would be difficult for an injured person to obtain the compensation they deserve. Our investigative team goes to the traffic crash site right away to gather all the evidence to support a claim such as:

  • Witnesses are interviewed and the police report looked over for errors
  • Forensic evidence is gathered through the use of accident reconstruction
  • Surveillance cameras from businesses and installed to monitor traffic is sought

The compiled evidence is handed over to our experienced attorneys, who will use it to construct a strong compensation case for the client. Whether used when they are negotiating on the client’s behalf with an insurer or taking the evidence to court, the client will know they are in good hands. 

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