Motorcyclist Suffers Injuries in Redding Motorist Left-Turn Accident

Motorist Left-Turn Accident Occurs on East Cypress Avenue

A motorcyclist heading west along East Cypress Avenue was struck and injured on November 27 in a motorist left-turn accident. Redding Police Department officers arrived at the scene around 3:40 a.m. to the accident on East Cypress Avenue near Churn Creek Road. Upon arrival, they discovered a seriously injured, unresponsive motorcyclist, who was identified as a man from Mt. Shasta, age 34. He was transported right away to a hospital in serious condition. 

Rider Ejected From Motorcycle in Left-Turn Accident

Police reported the accident happened as the motorcycle rider went west along East Cypress Avenue near Alfreda Way on his Harley-Davidson. At that same time, a Redding woman in a Honda Pilot, 48, was turning left onto East Cypress from a shopping center. The motorcycle rider collided with her SUV.

Traffic Police Will Determine Fault in the Collision

Airbags deployed in the SUV, and the rider was ejected from his motorcycle. Authorities state that neither drugs nor alcohol factored in the collision. Traffic police are investigating the accident to determine fault.

Left-Turn Accidents Involving Motorcyclists

A left-turn accident is among the most common types of crashes that involve a motorcycle rider and often cause serious injuries or fatalities. The driver of the other vehicle often says they never saw the rider. However, other motorists turn in front of a motorcyclist, misjudging the speed and distance of the vehicle coming toward them. 

How a Lawyer Can Help an Injured Motorcyclist

When a motorcycle rider suffers injuries in a collision caused by a negligent driver, they have the right to recover compensation. An injury lawyer can help by upholding their rights, obtaining the evidence that supports the client’s claim, and negotiating with the insurance company on their behalf. Recoverable compensation can include:

  • All of the medical expenses that arise as a result of the injury accident are recoverable. Compensation is available from the ambulance fee to hospitalization, surgeries, testing, medicines and physicians’ bills. In addition, the cost of rehabilitation, medical appliances and alterations to the home are possible.
  • Wages lost from the inability to work can be recovered and any perks of the job, such as bonuses, tips, and pension/insurance coverage. If the injured rider can no longer perform their previous job and takes one that pays less, the difference in salaries can be recovered. If permanent disability occurs, the motorcyclist can recover their salary until retirement age. 
  • Compensation is recoverable for pain and suffering. This refers to both physical pain and the emotional trauma the accident caused. In many cases, post-traumatic stress disorder develops as a result of an accident. The cost of treatment is recoverable.

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