Motorist Dies After Being Shot

Motorist Dies After Being Shot

Shot Motorist Dies

Motorist Dies After Being Shot

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento car accident lawyer. A 19-year-old motorist dies after being shot on Norwood Avenue in North Sacramento.

What Happened?

Police said the young man was shot Thursday as he drove near a freeway overpass in North Sacramento. Christian Torres, 19, was proceeding southbound on Norwood Avenue. As he neared the westbound I-80 overpass a motorist in another car fired several shots into the victim’s vehicle. After being hit, Torres’ car strayed into oncoming traffic. It crashed into a white pickup. The driver of the pickup was not hurt.

What About Torres?

Sacramento Police Department found Torres in an unresponsive state. He had been shot. Torres was rushed to a local hospital. Sadly, he died the following day. Torres leaves behind many shocked and saddened family and friends.

Why Did This Happen?

As of this writing, no information has been released as to why this tragedy occurred. Police have not established a motive. No arrests have been made in connection with this crime.

Police Seeking Witnesses

Police ask witnesses to please come forward. Someone may hold the key to solving this crime. If you have any information about Torres’ death or if you witnessed this crime, please contact dispatch at (916) 264-5471. Or, call Crime Alert (916) 443-HELP.

Tribute to Christian Torres

Over the weekend the family and friends of Christian Torres voiced their grief on social media. They also expressed many loving memories of him. Family members even hung a banner with Torres’ picture on it near the crime scene. A GoFundMe account has been set up in Christian Torres’ name to help with funeral expenses. The Law Office of Edward A Smith extends our deepest sympathy for the tragic loss of this young man.

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Source of Shot Motorist Dies: The Sacramento Bee, Motorist shot near North Sacramento I-80 overpass dies.

Source: Sacramento Bee