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October 24, 2014
Edward Smith

Motorcyclists and their passengers will sometimes suffer injury when they approach a stop on a hill or when the driver of the motorcycle attempts to leave the intersection. Hills, inclines and mountains can sorely test the skills of a motorcyclist. Those still learning may find their bike going out from under them due to loss of balance. Some motorcyclists may struggle with the motorcycle stalling and sliding backwards when on an incline when they try to move forward after being at standstill.

Fortunately, there are very, very few incidents causing injury involving this type of scenario. It is a scenario though that can result in injury if a motorcyclist is not properly prepared or if he has less than ideal road conditions. Learning the location of motorcycle controls and the management of throttle during practice time will really help before attempting travel on hills and inclines.

Many motorcyclists, especially newbies, will find an isolated hill to practice their skills on. There, they can get a good understanding of how to use the brakes, disengage the clutch and apply the throttle properly to prevent stalling or being thrown off balance. Speaking with other experienced motorcyclists will help. Numerous blogs are dedicated to how to stop and propel the motorcycle forward after being stopped at a red light while on an incline.

It is especially vital to learn this skill ahead of time because there exists the unknown predicament of finding oneself with less than ideal road conditions. If there is construction occurring on the road or the road is not well maintained, a motorcyclist may find that a patch of gravel, potholes, or a loose sand/rock mixture can add to the bikes instability while on the hill causing the bike to slide or roll. This type of road condition will make it difficult for the motorcyclist to maintain stability.

If road conditions contribute to an accident while on a motorcycle and injuries are sustained to the motorcyclist, consult a lawyer immediately. Since roads are cared for by either a state, city or county entity a claim must be filed immediately. In California, any claim against the county, state or city must be filed within six months or a person is forever barred from recovery.

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