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March 28, 2018
Edward Smith

Motorcyclist Killed in North Highland's Accident

Motorcyclist Killed in North Highlands Accident

I’m Ed Smith, a North Highlands motorcycle accident lawyer.  North Highlands was the scene of a traffic fatality on March 25 when a motorcycle rider was killed in a collision with a vehicle.

We extend our thoughts of sympathy to the loved ones and friends of Mr. Walker who was killed in this tragic collision.

Accident Details

According to deputies from the sheriff’s office for Sacramento County, they were patrolling when they arrived at the crash site shortly before 5:00 p.m.  The accident happened along Watt Avenue as reported by a news release by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The CHP report stated that the motorcyclist was heading south along Watt Avenue in the vicinity of Elkhorn Boulevard when an SUV moved into the path of the motorcyclist. The SUV driver was turning left to enter a parking lot. The rider was fatally injured when the SUV and motorcycle collided.

The coroner’s office released the name of the motorcyclist who passed away in Sunday’s motorcycle accident as Bradley Walker, 33, of Sacramento.

Avoiding Left Turn Collisions

Defensive driving is key for a motorcyclist to avoid collisions with motor vehicles when they do not yield the right of way. This can be because the driver does not see the motorcycle. The driver of a car may also be distracted or impaired or misjudges the speed at which the motorcycle is traveling. The following tips may help a motorcyclist avoid this common type of accident.

  • Obey the speed limit: Speeding on a motorcycle is just as dangerous as it is to speed in a motor vehicle. A motorcyclist who is speeding can lose control and requires a much longer distance to stop in an emergency.
  • Scan the road ahead: Look for cross streets and areas where vehicles may be pulling out.
  • Watch for turn signals: This is the best indication that a vehicle is actually planning to turn. Unfortunately, not all drivers use their turn signals even though it constitutes reckless driving, so it makes sense to see what direction the vehicle’s tires are turning.
  • Blow your horn: If it looks as though a vehicle is turning into your path, use your horn to warn the other driver of your presence.
  • Deciding whether to brake or swerve: This is a judgment call that may have to be made at the last minute. Taking a motorcycle course that includes evasive tactics can be a good idea.
  • Be vigilant for drivers coming into your path when you are turning.

Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

One of the most devastating injuries is trauma to the head. However, lower extremity injuries are more common. Overall, broken bones are more frequent than soft tissue injuries. Eighty-one percent of all patients hospitalized for lower extremity injuries were sent home after being treated acutely. If other injuries such as those to the chest and abdomen occurred, the number sent home dropped to 45 percent with longer care needed.

Head Injuries

It is well-known that motorcycle helmets are about 67-percent effective in preventing a traumatic brain injury during a crash. They are also 37-percent effective in preventing death due to a head injury. The statistics alone should encourage bikers to wear helmets. In states that demand helmet use such as California, 91 percent of bikers wear a helmet. Of those bikers and passengers in 2016 who died, 60 percent were wearing a helmet and approximately 38 percent were not. Passengers have a greater likelihood of not wearing a helmet even though it is required.

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