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April 08, 2024
Edward Smith

Hayward Crash Occurs on Jackson Street, Causing Motorcyclist Death

A motorcyclist was killed recently in a Hayward crash when the rider was involved in a collision with another vehicle. The collision occurred at the Jackson Street intersection with Grand Street around 6:05 p.m. The man who died in the crash was only identified as age 31 and from another city. 

Cause of Hayward Crash Under Investigation

The motor vehicle driver was uninjured. According to the Hayward Police Department, impairment has not been ruled out as a factor in the accident. An investigation is underway to determine how the crash occurred and the fault. Anyone with information about the accident is asked to call the Traffic Bureau at (510) 293-7066.

Evidence of Wrongful Death in Hayward Crash

To determine if a motorcyclist fatality in a Hayward crash substantiates a claim for wrongful death, an injury attorney performs a thorough investigation. This involves the collection of pivotal evidence and documentation related to the accident, such as witness testimonies, police records, traffic camera footage, and photographs. Additionally, medical expert witnesses might contribute insights into the cause of death and the negligence of the responsible party.

Seeking Representation from a Wrongful Death Attorney

For those impacted by a lethal Hayward crash involving a motorcyclist, enlisting the services of a wrongful death lawyer in California promptly is crucial. Such an attorney aids in meticulously gathering and analyzing evidence, which is used in building a strong case that supports your claim. They also guide you through understanding what you can recover when pursuing a claim successfully, protect your rights and help you obtain justice.

Combating Prejudice Against Motorcycle Riders

One problem motorcyclists face when placing a compensation claim that others don’t is prejudice. Because of old movies and the misrepresentation of riders, mostly law-abiding citizens who ride responsibly, some juries and insurance companies can view motorcyclists negatively. Over the years, we have successfully handled many motorcycle accident claims because we know how to combat that prejudice. We have handled so many cases that we released the California Motorcycle Accident Handbook, which answers common questions asked following a Hayward crash. 

Compensations in Wrongful Death Claims

In California wrongful death claims, the family, usually the surviving spouse and children, can seek various forms of compensation, including:

  • Costs associated with funeral and burial services can be recuperated.
  • The deceased’s potential future earnings may be claimed, including wages, pensions, and insurance benefits up to the expected retirement age.
  • Families may seek damages for the loss of guidance, protection, and emotional support following their loved one’s demise.
  • Spouses are entitled to seek compensation for loss of consortium.
  • Compensation for anticipated future household assistance provided by the deceased is claimable.

For more information on filing wrongful death claims, watch this helpful video presented by accident attorney Ed Smith:


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