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Motorcycle Riding in Adverse Weather

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October 09, 2014
Edward Smith


If you are planning a motorcycle ride, it is safest to check the weather reports and avoid riding in the rain or excessive heat or cold.  Obviously, if you are planning a long ride, check the weather for the various cities in which you plan to ride.  However, if you are an experienced rider and find it imperative, or even enjoyable, to ride in more challenging weather, there are things you can do to increase the likelihood that your ride will be a safe one:

Keep your speed down, especially if visibility due to darkness, fog, or rain is a factor.  Be absolutely sure you are giving yourself enough time to stop if an obstacle appears.

Road fatigue can add to the challenges of adverse weather, so take frequent breaks.


Remember – cars often need more lead time to stop on wet roadways.  Keep a liberal distance!

Take advantage of your unobstructed view of the road and plan ahead – avoid sudden reactions.

Gently apply brakes and throttle.  Do not accelerate while turning.  Use engine braking to reduce skid risk.

Avoid road hazards such as oil spills that can cause a skid when wet.

If you frequently ride in the rain, ensure that your tires have optimum traction.


Becoming overheated can affect your concentration and reaction time.   When the weather is hot, it is easy to become dehydrated, especially when wearing proper safety gear.  The affects of heat and dehydration can seriously impair your ability to ride safely.

Be sure to dress for the conditions.  Look at how desert-dwellers dress.  While it may seem cooler to wear less clothing, covering up actually keeps you cooler as well as prevents sunburn.

Be aware of symptoms of heat sickness, such as dizziness, excessive thirst, and cramping.  Pull over immediately, re-hydrate and rest if you notice any of these signs.


Some great rides can happen in colder conditions, as long as the rider has appropriate cold-weather wear, including high-quality gloves and boots.

Remember to seal openings in your clothing so that air and wind do not get through.  There are many modern materials that insulate quite well.

A pair of cold hands does not maneuver as well, and again – excessive cold can reduce concentration and reaction time.

In some climates, it is possible to ride all year long when proper safety precautions are used!

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