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Motorcycle Rider Injured in Crash With Bus

Motorcycle Rider Injured in Crash With Bus

On November 22, a motorcycle rider was injured in a crash with a transit bus along Interstate 80 in North Sacramento. The accident occurred around 4:55 in the afternoon, just east of the Northgate Boulevard off-ramp, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) along the left-hand side in the number one lane. A tow truck arrived to remove the motorcycle, while the rider was transported by emergency responders to Mercy San Juan Medical Center for undescribed injuries. An investigation into the accident by officers with the CHP will determine how it occurred and assign fault.

Common Reasons a Motorcycle Rider Is Injured

Let’s review the common types of accidents that result in injury to a motorcycle rider:

  • Changing lanes: Cars are notorious for not seeing a motorcycle when they are trying to change lanes. Even though the motorcycle rider is in the next lane, blind spots, driver inattention, and recklessness all combine to make the biker invisible. This is especially true with larger vehicles such as a bus. It often happens on a fast-moving highway, giving the motorcyclist little room to get out of the way. The motorcyclist needs to be observant and look for clues that the driver is about to move over. Aside from using their blinkers, other signs are often present. These include turning their wheels, a driver turning to look behind them or the motorist may be seen checking their mirrors. 
  • Turning left: Forty-two percent of all motorcycle accidents occur when a car is making a left-hand turn. Commonly this happens in an intersection. The motorcycle may be proceeding straight through the intersection or passing the turning car. Usually, the motorist will be held liable for this type of accident unless the motorcycle rider is speeding or sailed through a red light. Once again, look for clues that the motorist is about to turn. These could be that they are at the front of the line in the turning lane or have their turn signals on. Many drivers underestimate the distance between them and the motorcycle, making this type of accident more likely. If possible, the biker can choose to slow down or move into an adjacent lane where they have more room to avoid an accident. As with changing lanes, drivers give clues that they are about to turn. Be aware of what is happening around you on the road.
  • Care with lane splitting: A motorcycle rider can move between lanes of traffic, providing they are moving slowly or stopped in California. However, accidents do happen when lane-splitting occurs. The major cause of accidents is when a driver does not see a motorcycle rider coming up next to them. Two ways to stay safe when lane splitting is to make sure the car is not about to move into the adjacent lane and to ensure there is enough room between the vehicles to do it safely.
  • Corners: Motorcycles are maneuverable by design, yet sharp turns can be hard to navigate. In addition, gravel, leaves, or sand around the corner can make the biker lose control. This can throw the biker from his motorcycle and expose him or her to further injury. To avoid this type of accident, it is necessary to maintain a speed that enables the biker to react correctly. An old adage is to enter slow and exit fast. If the biker takes a turn too fast, it is best to lean into the curve. Never hit the brakes because this can further affect the bike’s traction. 
  • Riding at a high speed: Some motorcycles can hit a speed of 160 mph. Usually, they are bikes meant to go fast and are lightweight. The most important thing a motorcycle rider can do is to obey the speed limit.

How an Attorney Can Help

At our firm, we dispatch our motorcycle investigative team to the accident site. They look for evidence as to why the accident happened and who was at fault. They also interview witnesses, obtain video footage of the crash from traffic surveillance cameras, and review police reports for errors. Once all the evidence is amassed, the investigative team releases it to our lawyers, who use it to build a strong case for our client.

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