Motorcycle Design and Accidents

Motorcycles each have different design types and performance abilities. Motorcyclists may select a certain motorcycle type based on the style they like and on their own preferences in driving. On the other hand, the motorcycle capabilities in performance may increase the likelihood of a driver pursuing a certain vehicle over another.

One study analyzed the rate of crashes depending on the type of motorcycle and on the risky driving behavior of the drivers Involved in these crashes. The rate of fatal crashes was looked at in addition to the other factors.

Street legal motorcycles were divided into ten different types based on their characteristics. These included cruiser/standard vehicles, touring vehicles, sport touring vehicles, sport unclad sport, super sport and others The death rate was recorded for each motorcycle type by looking at the driver’s deaths per 10,000 motorcycle years, and factors related to motorcycle crashes, such as speeding and reckless behavior, were also looked at.

Driver death rates were 4 times more prevalent for super sport motorcycles when compared to cruiser type vehicles. Most of the drivers of the super sport motorcycles were speeding and were most likely to have worn helmets but were least likely to be impaired by the use of alcohol when compared to other types of motorcycles. Increased displacement of the engine was associated with a greater risk of driver death regardless of the type of vehicle used.

The researchers concluded that there were great effects of the motorcycle type on the rate of driver death and on the likelihood that a driver will engage in risky behavior, including drinking and driving, and speeding behaviors. The study couldn’t completely find clear relationships between motorcycle type and the rate of death but they were able to find differences in driving behavior with different kinds of motorcycle types. They recommended stricter driver’s helmet laws and automatic speed control on these vehicles to prevent speeding.

A study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, found that super sport vehicles have the highest death rate, which was found to be 4 times the rate of other types of motorcycles. They have more horsepower than other motorcycles and can speed up to 190 miles per hour. They are built for racing but modified for use on the street. These types of vehicles are popular among those who are under the age of thirty years.

Super sport bikes are known to cause 22.5 driver deaths per 10,000 registered vehicles. This is compared to only 10.7 deaths for other types of motorcycles that are sport models. Cruisers have only a rate of about 5.7 per 10,000 motorcycles. Fortunately the super sport vehicles are only nine percent of vehicles on the road. In many accidents with super sport vehicles, driver’s error and speeding were said to be the cause of the fatalities. Speed accounted for 57 of super sport fatalities and in 46 percent of those riding sport motorcycles. Speeding with motorcycles that were cruisers accounted for 27 percent of the fatal accidents. Touring motorcycles were considered to be even safer.

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