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Motorcycle Accidents Involving Pelvic Fractures


Motorcycle Accidents Involving Pelvic Fractures

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Bone Fracture Attorney. Many people enjoy riding a motorcycle because it provides a sense of freedom while driving down the open road. They can feel the wind whipping past them, enjoy the outdoors, and move quickly from place to place; however, motorcycles are also more dangerous than cars because they don’t provide any protection from the elements of the outdoors. In fact, one of the most common injuries that people can sustain while riding a motorcycle is a pelvic fracture. If you are in a motorcycle accident and break your pelvis, this can turn out to be a life-threatening injury.

An Overview of Pelvic Fractures

For those who don’t know, the pelvis is the bone that connects the two legs to the rest of the body. The pelvis has sockets on both the left and right sides called the acetabulum where the legs attach to the torso. The pelvis also has openings for organs such as the bladder, colon, and uterus in women. In fact, the female pelvis is shaped slightly differently than the male pelvis to accommodate the uterus and the enlargement that occurs when a woman gets pregnant. The bony structure of the pelvis is important in providing protection against injuries in this region, such as pregnancy trauma.

Pelvic Fractures are Common in Motorcycle Accidents

When people ride a motorcycle, they straddle the base of the motorcycle with their legs, naturally widening the pelvis. While this is the proper riding position, it also predisposes people to sustaining pelvic fractures in motorcycle accidents. When people strike something in front of them while riding a motorcycle, the motorcycle comes to a sudden stop; however, the rider keeps moving. This causes a forceful impact between the motorcycle and the pelvis that can predispose people to developing a certain type of pelvic fracture called an open book fracture. This fracture has its name because the pelvis cracks and literally opens down the middle like a book. This is a severe fracture that warrants immediate medical attention.

Medical Treatment of an Open Book Fracture

When someone sustains an open book fracture, physicians will immediately start IV fluids to try and compensate for any blood loss. They will likely order an x-ray along with a CT scan or an MRI to get a better look at the injury. They will likely assess for any other injured structures. A pelvic fracture is serious and likely will require surgery to repair. While most patients will make a full recovery, they will likely be unable to walk for several weeks as the bones heal. Once the bones heal completely, patients can re-learn how to walk. They may feel stiff at first; however, proper rehabilitation after traumatic injuries will lead to a recovery in the vast majority of cases.

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