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January 12, 2016
Edward Smith

Motorcycle Accidents in Rancho Cordova

Motorcycle Accidents in Rancho Cordova


I’m Ed Smith, a Rancho Cordova Motorcycle Accident Lawyer. When a motorcyclist is seriously injured in a crash due to no fault of his own, it is crucial to seek medical attention right away. Next, call an experienced accident attorney to help protect your rights. The accident attorney will promptly begin the insurance claim process against the at-fault parties. This can be a great relief to the injured motorcyclist and his loved ones.  It allows the motorcyclist to focus on recovering from the injuries sustained in the accident. Follow this link to read more information on what to if you are involved in a motorcycle accident.

Common Injuries Sustained by Motorcyclists

Riding a motorcycle in Rancho Cordova or anywhere in California is inherently dangerous. The motorcycle is small compared to other vehicles on the road. Plus, motorcycles have virtually no protection around the rider. This makes a fall, even without a collision with a motor vehicle, perhaps lead to serious injury.

Common motorcycle accident injuries include head and brain injuries, leg fractures, especially tibia and fibula breaks, rib fractures, pelvic fractures, and a host of internal injuries.

Statistics on Motorcycle Accident Fatalities

Statistics looking at the various motor vehicles on the roadway and on a per mile basis that they travel, motorcyclists have a thirty four-fold greater risk of fatality when a motorcycle is involved in a motor vehicle accident when compared to motorists driving in cars and trucks. Lower leg fractures are a very common injury sustained. The most common cause of loss of life in motorcycle accident cases are from traumatic brain injuries. Using a helmet while riding has resulted in a good reduction of these type of injuries. Helmets help prevent motorcycle fatalities from head and brain injuries.

How Common Are Motorcycle Accidents?

WATCH: Youtube Video: How Common Are Motorcycle Accidents? By Ed Smith.

When researching motorcycle and other motor vehicle accident statistics, we see that there are more accidents for motorcycles than there are for cars. The problem may be that most of these accidents are due to the fault of the car who failed to give the proper right of way to motorcycles and cause accidents.

What are the most common causes of motorcycle accidents?

WATCH: Youtube Video: What are the Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents? By Ed Smith. There are a many different types of motorcycle accidents. Some are more common than others. Whether you drive a car or truck or you are a motorcycle rider, it is imperative for everyone on the road to be aware of the most common types of motorcycle accidents. This way, you can try to avoid these types of accidents.

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