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Motorcycle Accident Reported in North Highlands on Watt Avenue

Evening Crash by Motorcyclist on Watt Avenue Caused Major Injury

A major injury motorcycle accident happened in North Highlands on June 7. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) was notified that a motorcyclist had crashed in the southbound lanes of Watt Avenue and Orange Grove Avenue around 6:32 in the evening. Sacramento Fire Department first responders arrived at the accident scene to find out that the motorcyclist had suffered major injuries in the crash. 

Motorcycle Accident Being Investigated

It is unknown what caused the incident or whether another vehicle was involved. The motorcyclist was transported to a hospital for further medical attention. The CHP is checking to find out how the motorcycle accident happened.

Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries

Most accidents involving a motorcycle rider either involve the driver of a passenger vehicle or are due to rider error. However, there are other circumstances that can easily lead to a motorcycle crash. Because of their lack of protection, a rider often suffers serious injuries or ends up dying in the crash. 

Finding the Cause of a Solo Motorcycle Accident

It is a personal injury lawyer’s job to find out why the collision occurred. If negligence by another person or entity caused the motorcycle crash, the lawyer can represent the injured party and can hold whoever is responsible for medical expenses, lost wages and for the pain and suffering the rider endured. 

Why a Motorcycle Collision Happens

Riders all know that the roadways can be dangerous and much more so for a motorcyclist than for someone driving a passenger vehicle or truck. Because a motorcycle has only two wheels, it is less stable and more apt to cause a serious crash under the same circumstances where another driver might not be affected. Some of the ways in which a solo motorcycle accident can occur due to another’s negligence include:

  • Lack of proper road maintenance: When a roadway has potholes, cracks or fissures in the pavement, spills, poor lighting, and other faults in maintenance, it can easily lead to a motorcycle accident. The government entity may be held financially responsible in these cases. Because the timeline to file a claim against a government entity is much shorter than most other personal injuries, enlisting the help of an injury attorney can be a good move.
  • Hit-and-run drivers: Hit-and-run drivers have become far too common these days. When a driver injures a motorcyclist and flees the scene, a lawyer can check area surveillance cameras from traffic poles, roadways, and local businesses to determine this is what happened. Witnesses can also be interviewed, who can provide details. In some cases, the witness filmed the incident on their camera.
  • Defective parts: A bike with defective brakes, steering, or engine can lead to a motorcycle accident. Brake failure, the inability to steer, or stalling can end up unseating the rider, leading to a serious injury. When this is the cause of an accident, negligence doesn’t have to be proved, only that the part was unaltered and used in the manner for which it was intended. A product liability claim can be placed against the manufacturer, designer, and others in the production line with the help of an attorney.

North Highlands Personal Injury Lawyer

I am Ed Smith, a North Highlands personal injury lawyer. When a motorcycle crash causes your injury and negligence by another was the reason, you may be able to place a claim for compensation to cover all your medical bills, your lost wages and to reimburse you for your pain and suffering. Find out whether you can file a claim by calling us for our free and friendly advice at (916) 921-6400. An online form to contact us is available also.

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