Motorcycle Accident Costs Examined in a Research Study

Study Examines Motorcycle Accident Costs 

New research showed that motorcycle accident costs, on average, are substantially higher than other motor vehicle collisions. Some people might be surprised by this because motorcycles are smaller than other motor vehicles. The study also showed that severe injuries are far more likely to occur in motorcycle accidents than in other motor vehicle collisions. These injuries can lead to costly medical bills that drive up the cost of the crash. This sheds some critical light on the severe impacts that might result from an accident involving a motorcycle.

The Design of the Research Study

A team of professional researchers collected data on more than 300,000 individuals who were involved in either a motorcycle or a car accident. Because road accidents involving sedans are far more common than crashes involving motorcycles, the vast majority of these individuals were involved in a standard car accident.

After collecting the data, the researchers examined the traumatic injuries that these individuals sustained. They also looked at the costs tied to the collisions. Finally, the researchers plugged all of the data into statistical analysis programs to look for trends. Their results led to some critical conclusions regarding the differences between motorcycle and car accidents.

Motorcycle Accident Costs Revealed in the Results

The researchers found that individuals who were involved in a motorcycle accident were three times more likely to suffer an injury. Furthermore, the results showed that people involved in a motorcycle collision were also ten times more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries. This is where the hidden costs come to light.

Motorcycle accident costs were found to be more almost twice that of car collisions. The study showed that the average cost of a motorcycle accident was more than $4,500. Meanwhile, the average cost of a car accident was just over $2,300.

Why are Motorcycle Accidents More Expensive?

This study reveals some vital information regarding motorcycle accidents. The costs related to motorcycle accidents are substantially higher due to the injuries that people sustain. Without a metal frame between the rider and the road, motorcyclists are more likely to suffer road rash, broken bones, and even brain injuries. This can lead to surgical procedures, an extended hospital stay, or even a visit to the intensive care unit.

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