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More Injuries Associated With Electric Scooters

Medical Study Shows Increase in Electric Scooter Injuries

Injuries caused by electric scooters are increasing dramatically, according to a medical study published in JAMA recently. The study reported the findings collected from hospital admissions between 2014 and 2018. Although e-scooters are more readily available to rent, are inexpensive, and a convenient way to get to a location, they can be hazardous and lead to serious injuries in an accident. Jerry Brown, the former governor, signed into law a bill in 2018 that exempted adults from having to wear a protective helmet.

Electric Scooters and Bikes in Sacramento

Cities such as Sacramento are focusing on decreasing traffic congestion and cleaning up the environment. This includes allowing more environmentally friendly modes of transportation, such as electric scooters. New policies may be required to keep the riders of alternate types of transportation safer.

Studies on Electric Scooter Accidents

UC San Francisco researchers employed injury data from a hospital sampling around the country, which focused on scooter accidents from 2013 through 2018. What they discovered was disturbing. Injuries to those riding scooters had tripled from six to 19 per 100,000 population.

Electric Scooters Can Cause Head Injuries

Those who were involved in accidents on electric scooters in 2018 tended to experience head or leg injuries. This was concerning because head trauma can be severe, leading to a long recuperative period. Injuries generally occurred to individuals under 34, including children. 

Scooter Injuries Are at a Much Higher Rate Than Bicycles

The head author of the accident study, Dr. Benjamin Breyer, said the idea came from seeing the shared bike and scooter-related injuries at the hospital where he works in San Francisco. Although around 16 percent of those involved in a bicycle accident suffered a head injury, the rate for scooter riders was almost one in three. Dr. Breyer believes that this much higher injury rate is because those on scooters do not wear helmets and are in a standing position. 

Riding Electric Scooters Safely in Sacramento 

In Sacramento, the popularity of e-scooters is not only quickly increasing but is expected to continue growing. Lime and Jump operate in the area, and the city has approved plans to allow Bird and Spin to add their own scooters by spring. In addition, officials in Elk Grove and Rancho Cordova are talking to providers about possible pilot projects. Sacramento has protected lanes installed along 25 downtown city blocks and intends to add an additional 60 blocks of riding zones for bicyclists and scooter riders to increase safety.

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How an Attorney Helps

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