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January 30, 2019
Edward Smith

Monsanto Papers Cause Trouble for Roundup™

The release of what has been dubbed the Monsanto Papers chiseled away at the company’s reputation. The documents raise questions about Roundup™ safety and company research. Roundup™ is used worldwide in gardens, farms and public spaces. In 2018, a case involving a custodian who developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma made its way through the courts in California, ending in victory for the plaintiff, Dwayne Johnson. The civil court case arose out of findings by an agency of the World Health Organization (WHO), linking Roundup™ to cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) found that the active ingredient in Roundup™ was likely to cause cancer.

What Are the Monsanto Papers?

The Monsanto Papers are court documents that include internal emails and those sent to federal agency regulators. The papers revealed that the company had ghostwritten articles which were then attributed to research scientists. They also suggested that an Environmental Protection Agency official canceled a review of glyphosate that was about to be done by the Department of Health and Human Services. A review of the documents made it clear that there were dissenters within the E.P.A. concerning the safety of Roundup™.

Link to the E.P.A.

Prior to the release of IARC’s report, the Monsanto Papers show that the company knew about the findings. Jess Rowland, an E.P.A. director, notified Monsanto that the report said glyphosate probably was carcinogenic. This enabled the company to have a response ready when the report was issued. The public relations attack on IARC’s report tried to refute the charges against Roundup™. In addition, Rowland was able to halt the proposed review by HHS. A 2015 email contained within the Monsanto papers by Dan Jenkins, who was a Monsanto executive, indicated Rowland’s involvement. He told Jenkins that if he was able to quash the review, he should get a medal. Jenkins told a colleague that since Rowland was expecting to retire, he might be useful to Monsanto in future defense of the product.

Doubts About Existing Roundup™ Assessment by the E.P.A.

The Monsanto papers also revealed that there was a level of secrecy concerning prior reviews of Roundup™ by the Office of Pesticide Programs. Rowland was an official within the program. He opted to bolster the safety profile of Roundup™. After Monsanto claimed that glyphosate is unparalleled in terms of safety, the E.P.A. did not refute the statement, despite evidence that it might not be true.

Monsanto Papers Point to Compromised Research

The Monsanto Papers highlighted worries that Monsanto compromised academic research it cited as proof of the safety of Roundup™. An email by William Heydens, another executive with the company, made it clear to others at Monsanto that they could ghostwrite research. The research could then be given to scientists who would sign off on it. He made it clear in the email that the company would save financially by writing the papers. The academics could be hired at a lower cost to edit the research and sign it. He also noted one prior case where this had been done. Monsanto denied Heyden’s statement.

Manipulating Research

The Monsanto papers showed how research can be manipulated. One way is to ghostwrite the research. Another way to do this is to hire scientists based on their prior statements about the product. Emails made it clear that Monsanto carefully chose scientists who would be used and who in the long run would shape the results. Scientists around the world disagree with Monsanto’s research. When suffering from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that might be caused by Roundup™, it is important to choose an attorney who is well-versed in issues associated with this pesticide.

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