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Modesto Woman Fatally Injured in Pedestrian Accident

Modesto Woman Fatally Injured in Pedestrian Accident

Modesto Woman Fatally Injured in Pedestrian Accident

I’m Ed Smith, a Modesto personal injury lawyer. An elderly pedestrian was struck by a vehicle in north Modesto on Tuesday, May 8, 2018. At approximately 2:00 pm in the afternoon, an elderly woman was reportedly crossing outside a crosswalk along Standiford Avenue in the vicinity of Tully Road. One vehicle stopped for the elderly woman to allow her to cross while a second driver of a Hyundai Sonata failed to stop in time and crashed into her. The elderly woman was evaluated at the scene and transported via ambulance to an area hospital for treatment where she later succumbed to her injuries. Officials have identified the victim as 69-year-old Terri Churchill of Modesto.

I would like to extend my condolences to the loved ones of Ms. Churchill and wish them courage during this difficult time.

Accident Investigation

Local authorities have not yet decided a cause of the accident due to ongoing investigation. However, excessive speed was ruled out as a factor by investigators as the Hyundai driver was allegedly traveling below the posted speed limit prior to the collision.

Accidents Involving Elderly Pedestrians

Changes in the body occur due to aging within individual cells and whole organs. The homeostatic imbalance associated with aging causes significant changes in cellular responses to injury and recovery. That being said, elderly pedestrians are vulnerable in traffic accidents as their bodies are less resilient to traumatic injuries such as:

  • Back Injury: Often caused by motor vehicle accidents, trauma to the back includes the lumbar (lower back), thoracic (chest) and cervical (neck) areas. Back injuries can range from soft tissue damage to spinal cord trauma. Surgery may be necessary in cases involving severe back injuries;
  • Pelvic Fractures: When blunt force trauma occurs across the lower half of the body, pelvic fractures can ensue. These fractures are common among the elderly due to a simple fall from standing height or impact absorbed from a vehicular collision;
  • Femur Fractures: These fractures involveĀ a crush injury, crack or break within the thigh bone which usually result from high-speed trauma or a preexisting disease causing weakening of the bone. Individuals who may have sustained a femur fracture may manifest symptoms of difficulty walking or moving their leg without pain, significant amount of swelling along the upper leg and pain when pressing on the thigh;
  • Traumatic Brain Injury: Brain injuries are complex in nature and can involve a concussive injury or laceration to the scalp. Serious repercussions may arise when the trauma causes significant injury to the brain and skull further leading to brain damage or even death.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

When an individual suffers injuries from a pedestrian accident, it is important to seek medical attention right away. When this has been done, contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer in Modesto can be helpful. An attorney can provide you with compassionate care as well as discussing your options and securing your right to fair compensation of damages incurred.

Modesto Personal Injury Lawyer

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