Modesto Police Not Clowning Around

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Modesto Police Not Clowning Around

Hi, I’m Ed Smith, a Modesto Personal Injury Attorney. It’s October and many people are on the edge of their seat waiting for the Halloween fun to begin. What happens when seasonal fun turns into something that is potentially dangerous?

Multiple Clown Sightings Reported

The Modesto Police Department has responded to multiple calls about clown sightings. There are reports coming in from all over the nation about sightings of people dressed up as creepy clowns, and it’s happening right here in the valley as well.

  •  The first reported sighting came in from the Vintage Faire Mall parking lot. A person was dressed up as a clown and was being driven around. The man, who was wearing a clown mask complete with bright red hair, was seen getting out of a dark colored vehicle and following people in an effort to scare them. Officers arrived on scene and checked security footage, but the creepy clown was not able to be located by law enforcement.
  • Officers were also dispatched to Wheatley and Briggs avenues in West Modesto on Monday night after reports of two people wearing clown masks walking around holding balloons. This put residents in the vicinity on edge because of all the trending news about creepy clown sightings.
  • The early morning hours of Tuesday brought another call to Modesto Police Department for a creepy clown sighting. A mall security officer called police to report a person in a clown mask and dark clothing was holding something that appeared to be a hammer or other possible weapon. The clown had been following him for approximately 50 yards.
  • An unreported clown sighting was posted to Twitter on Monday. A man wearing a black robe and clown mask was seen at a park by a Modesto resident. Others at the park chased the clown off. It is not known if this incident was a hoax to get attention or a real threat.

Modesto Taking Action

Modesto Police are taking these calls very serious, though they have yet to make contact with any of the creepy clowns. Modesto Police Department took to their social media page to urge residents to be on the lookout for any suspicious people dressed up as clowns, and to call police if any are spotted. On Tuesday, Modesto City Schools took action to address the numerous clown reports. They are closely monitoring social media posts warning that clowns could possibly show up at schools threatening to do harm. They assured parents and students that there have been no legitimate reports in Modesto, but they will continue to monitor social media and work with police to keep the student body safe.

Class Clowns?

Modesto isn’t the only city that is actively working to keep their students safe.

  • Elk Grove Unified School District sent out a message to all parents and staff after social media threats came to their attention on Tuesday night.
  • Natomas Unified also sent out a phone message about the clown threats and assured parents and guardians that they are increasing police presence around schools.
  • Two school districts in both Fairfield and Oakland received anonymous threats on social media earlier this week. Police investigated and concluded the threats weren’t credible and all students were safe.

A Joke That’s Not So Funny

Two teen girls were arrested in Fresno last week after a threat was made against schools on social media. A high school student made the threat and stated it was a joke and pointed out it was Halloween time. She is now facing charges for making terrorist threats.

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