Modesto Motorcycle Accidents Take a Heavy Toll


Modesto Motorcycle Accidents Take a Heavy Toll

I’m Ed Smith, a motorcycle accident attorney in Modesto. A motorcycle accident on Saturday, September 23, in North Modesto claimed the life of a motorcyclist in a head on collision with a sports utility vehicle. Speeding has been identified as the cause of the crash.

Accident Details

The accident occurred in the evening hours as the biker, identified by authorities as Mark Claire, 59, was traveling on Pentecost Drive heading south in the direction of Kiernan Avenue when, according to a spokesman from the California Highway Patrol, he swerved into the opposing lane hitting an SUV head on. Police say the biker was traveling above the posted speed limit and lost control of his bike.

Accident Injuries

The biker suffered serious injury and was taken to a medical facility where he later passed away. The Mazda SUV driver, 31, also a Modesto resident, was unhurt after the accident.

Accident Investigation

The CHP has determined that speed was the cause of the accident. The biker was wearing a helmet, and there is no indication, at the time of this report, that drugs or alcohol were involved.

Modesto Motorcycle  Accidents

This is the third Modesto motorcycle related death in 2017. Another Modesto resident, a 33-year-old man, was killed in the early morning hours of September 4 when he hit a pickup in the intersection of Prescott Road and Cheyenne Way. The biker died at the accident site.

Motorcycle Accident Incidence

The California Office of Traffic Safety documents 42 motorcycle accident victims killed or injured in Modesto in 2014, making the city 44 out of 57 other cities of a comparable size. Stanislaus County had 108 people injured or killed in the same year with a rank of 44 out of 58 counties. In 2015, the number of motorcyclists killed was lower than previous years by about 7 percent, yet due to the high number of bikers in the state the absolute number was high.

Helmet Use

California is one of 19 states that have mandatory laws for helmet use. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, helmets were responsible for saving 1,772 lives in the year 2015, putting the death risk due to head injuries on motorcycles 37 percent lower and decreasing the risk of traumatic head injury by 69 percent. Helmets must meet the criteria set by the Federal Motor Vehicle Standards, according to the Department of Transportation, to ensure safety.

Anti-Lock Brakes

Motorcycles can be equipped with anti-lock brakes. Helmet use results in 31 percent fewer fatalities. The brakes decrease the distance it takes to stop on both dry and wet surfaces. With antilock brakes, the brakes begin to lock, the antilock mechanism lessens the applied pressure on the brake and only increases it when it is safe to do so.

Modesto Police Care

Modesto police are watching for bikers who disobey the law on motorcycles every day. However, on Saturday, September 30, extra vigilance is planned in areas that have a high motorcycle presence. Motor vehicle drivers will also be under increased scrutiny in these areas for infractions that cause accidents.

Modesto Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

I am Ed Smith, a motorcycle accident attorney in Modesto. Motorcycle accidents cause serious injuries partly due to the lack of protection a motorcyclist has. Such injuries can include fractures and spinal cord damage. Recovery may be extended due to the need for rehabilitation or neurological problems associated with head injury. The family of a biker may suffer loss and incur financial hardship, particularly if the decedent contributed to family finances. When this happens to you, I am always here to provide friendly advice without a fee until you win your case. I am available at (209) 227-1932 or at (800) 404-5400.

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