Mobility After a Femur Fracture

Mobility After a Femur Fracture

Fractures of the femur are incredibly severe, and it can be difficult for people to recover from. Depending on the severity of the fracture, people might have trouble walking, let alone running. It is essential for everyone to understand just how common femur fractures can be. Some of the statistics on femur fractures that have been released by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS)have shown that:

  • While some fractures occur due to high-impact trauma, other fractures can occur because of fatigue or gradual wear and tear on the bone.
  • About 11 percent of all stress fractures are femur fractures.
  • A stress fracture of the femur will develop in about a third of individuals who run long distances.
  • A majority of stress fractures take place in the femoral shaft.

Even though stress fractures can be incredibly painful, this is only one type of femur fracture. Other fractures can be acute in nature such as those suffered in traumatic accidents. Regardless of the mechanism, all femur fractures are serious. The recovery process can be challenging, and one complication has to do with mobility.

The Treatment Process: A Comprehensive Approach

If an individual has suffered a serious femur fracture, the treatment process has many different parts. While everyone focuses on the importance of correcting the break in the bone, this is only one part of the recovery process. Some of the other factors that must be considered include:

  • Managing the pain in the leg following the fracture.
  • Possible requirement of blood transfusions in an open fracture.
  • The management of possible infections that could develop.
  • Looking for and correcting any other associated injuries.
  • Managing the potential development of pressure ulcers during the healing process.
  • Keeping an eye out for possible compartment syndrome in the thigh.

Ultimately, the sooner individuals have access to a comprehensive treatment approach, the faster their leg will heal. Just because the bone has healed doesn’t mean they will have their pre-injury level of functioning.

Factors Determining Future Mobility Following a Femur Fracture

A few factors play a role in the prognosis of a femur fracture. Some people might suffer relatively minor, non-displaced femur fractures and make a quick recovery. Others might have trouble walking following their injury. Some of the factors that could make the recovery harder include:

  • An open or a displaced fracture that requires surgical correction
  • The presence of other serious associated injuries such as a hip fracture or ligament damage in the knee
  • Damage to the nerves that run through the leg
  • Delayed surgical correction of the femur fracture
  • The presence of malunion or incorrect healing
  • Advanced age
  • The presence of other medical comorbidities

It can be a challenge for individuals to predict the prognosis of a severe femur fracture. Every case should be handled on an individual basis.

Watch YouTube Video: Physical Therapy – Walking after a Broken Leg. This video features a man who is learning how to walk again four months after breaking his leg and having surgery.

Contacting an Experienced Injury Lawyer

Following a serious fracture of the femur, it is important for everyone to find the medical care that they deserve. During this process, family members and friends are encouraged to ask for help from a Sacramento femur fracture lawyer. A few of the benefits that an experienced injury attorney can provide are:

  • Making sure that an individual has access to all of the resources that he or she needs to make a recovery.
  • Ensuring that the details of the accident are considered in an appropriate manner.
  • Negotiating with insurance companies to help individuals receive the largest payout possible under their policy.
  • Shifting a case to the courts when required.

Reach out to an experienced femur fracture lawyer in Sacramento when you are able. You and your loved ones could be owed a substantial monetary settlement.

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